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The ONE Snare Endovascular Snare System is a single-loop snare designed to provide both accuracy and reliability for effective foreign body manipulation and retrieval. The ONE Snare can be used to retrieve inferior vena cava filters, reposition indwelling venous catheters, strip fibrin sheath formation, or assist in central venal access venipuncture. Superelastic Nitinol provides flexibility and kink resistance. Gold-plated tungsten is wrapped around the Nitinol loop for excellent visualisation under fluoroscopy. The ONE Snare is available in 15 kit configurations with 10 loop diameter sizes ranging from 2mm to 35mm.


one-snare-accuracy1 one-snare-accuracy2 one-snare-accuracy3

  • Gold-plated tungsten loop is highly visible under fluoroscopy to provide true orientation.
  • Radiopaque marker band on the snare delivery catheter identifies its precise location.
  • 90-degree angle loop for a coaxial approach to foreign body capture.
  • Nitinol core wire combines shape memory and superelasticity for support during vessel navigation.


one-snare-reliability1 one-snare-reliability2 one-snare-reliability3

  • Nitinol and gold-plated tungsten loop retains its circular shape to support the capture of foreign bodies.
  • Snare delivery catheter is constructed of a high performance copolymer material which offers strength during foreign body retrieval to minimize the potential for kinking and buckling.
  • The strain-relief hub of the snare delivery catheter provides extra flexibility during deployment and use.
  • Insertion tool with unique, peel-away design provides quick and efficient snare loading.
    Easy-to-grip torque device supports snare torqueability.


  • Available in fifteen kit configurations with ten loop diameter sizes ranging from 2 mm to 35 mm.


Ordering Information

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Catalog NumberSnare Length (cm)Snare Length (inches)Snare Working Diameter (mm)Snare Working Diameter (inches)Snare Outside DiameterCatheter Length (cm)Catheter Length (inches)Catheter French Size (F)Catheter Inside DiameterCatheter Outside DiameterHCPCS CodeGS1GTIN UnitGTIN CartonGTIN Shipper
ONE1000120 cm(47")10 mm(0.39")0.040" (1.02 mm)100 cm(39")4F0.040" (1.02 mm)0.057" (1.45 mm)C177309486008844500948601088445009486720884450094864
ONE100165 cm(25")10 mm(0.39")0.040" (1.02 mm)48 cm(19")4F0.040" (1.02 mm)0.057" (1.45 mm)C177309487008844500948771088445009487420884450094871
ONE1500120 cm(47")15 mm(0.59")0.050" (1.27 mm)100 cm(39")6F0.056" (1.42 mm)0.082" (2.08 mm)C177309488008844500948841088445009488120884450094888
ONE200175 cm(69")2 mm(0.08")0.019" (0.48 mm)150 cm(59")2.3 - 3F0.019" (0.48 mm)0.032 - 0.041" (0.81 - 1.0 mm)09493008844500949381088445009493520884450094932
ONE2000120 cm(47")20 mm(0.79")0.050" (1.27 mm)100 cm(39")6F0.056" (1.42 mm)0.082" (2.08 mm)C177309489008844500948911088445009489820884450094895
ONE201200 cm(79")2 mm(0.08")0.019" (0.48 mm)175 cm(69")2.3 - 3F0.019" (0.48 mm)0.032 - 0.041" (0.81 - 1.0 mm)09494008844500949451088445009494220884450094949
ONE2500120 cm(47")25 mm(0.98")0.050" (1.27 mm)100 cm(39")6F0.056" (1.42 mm)0.082" (2.08 mm)C177309490008844500949071088445009490420884450094901
ONE250165 cm(25")25 mm(0.98")0.050" (1.27 mm)48 cm(19")6F0.056" (1.42 mm)0.082" (2.08 mm)C177309483008844500948391088445009483620884450094833
ONE3000120 cm(47")30 mm(1.18")0.050" (1.27 mm)100 cm(39")6F0.056" (1.42 mm)0.082" (2.08 mm)C177309491008844500949141088445009491120884450094918
ONE3500120 cm(47")35 mm(1.40")0.050" (1.27 mm)100 cm(39")6F0.056" (1.42 mm)0.082" (2.08 mm)C177309482008844500948221088445009482920884450094826
ONE400175 cm(69")4 mm(0.16")0.019" (0.48 mm)150 cm(59")2.3 - 3F0.019" (0.48 mm)0.032 - 0.041" (0.81 - 1.0 mm)09495008844500949521088445009495920884450094956
ONE40000.040" (1.02 mm)100 cm(39")4F0.040" (1.02 mm)0.057" (1.45 mm)C177312127008844501212761088445012127320884450121270
ONE401200 cm(79")4 mm(0.16")0.019" (0.48 mm)175 cm(69")2.3 - 3F0.019" (0.48 mm)0.032 - 0.041" (0.81 - 1.0 mm)12292008844501229211088445012292820884450122925
ONE500120 cm(47")5 mm(0.20")0.040" (1.02 mm)100 cm(39")4F0.040" (1.02 mm)0.057" (1.45 mm)C177309481008844500948151088445009481220884450094819
ONE60000.050" (1.27 mm)100 cm(39")6F0.056" (1.42 mm)0.082" (2.08 mm)C177309497008844500949761088445009497320884450094970
ONE700175 cm(69")7 mm(0.28")0.019" (0.48 mm)150 cm(59")2.3 - 3F0.019" (0.48 mm)0.032 - 0.041" (0.81 - 1.0 mm)09498008844500949831088445009498020884450094987
ONE701200 cm(79")7 mm(0.28")0.019" (0.48 mm)175 cm(69")2.3 - 3F0.019" (0.48 mm)0.032 - 0.041" (0.81 - 1.0 mm)09499008844500949901088445009499720884450094994