EmboGold Microspheres bring visibility to our proven microsphere technology. Provided in our prefilled syringe, they are designed to offer easy handling, superior procedural efficiency, and enhanced safety.


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Regulatory Information


EmboGold Microspheres are indicated for use in embolization of hypervascularized tumors and arteriovenous malformations.

European Union

EmboGold Microspheres are indicated for use in hemostatic embolization and in embolization of arteriovenous malformations, hypervascular tumors, including uterine fibroids and meningiomas, and the prostate arteries for relief of symptoms related to Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).

Enhanced Visibility

Spheres are pregnated with 2% elemental gold

Precisely Calibrated

Consistent cross-sectional diameter allows for more accurate sizing to the target vessel and highly targeted delivery


Elastic properties allow temporary deformation, facilitating smooth passage through microcatheters


Hydrophilic surface and spherical shape prevent aggregation within the catheter lumen and in the vasculature, promoting ease and accuracy of delivery

Backed by Research

Consistent and durable clinical results with over 10 years of clinical experience




Embogold Microspheres

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Catalog NumberExpanded Family NameSize RangeDelivery SystemDelivery System SizeColorCarrier SolutionVolume
S1010EGEmboGold® Microspheres900-1200 µmSyringe20 mLPurpleNormal Saline1.0 mL
S1020EGEmboGold® Microspheres900-1200 µmSyringe20 mLPurpleNormal Saline2.0 mL
S120EGEmboGold® Microspheres40-120 µmSyringe20 mLOrangeNormal Saline2.0 mL
S210EGEmboGold® Microspheres100-300 µmSyringe20 mLYellowNormal Saline1.0 mL
S220EGEmboGold® Microspheres100-300 µmSyringe20 mLYellowNormal Saline2.0 mL
S410EGEmboGold® Microspheres300-500 µmSyringe20 mLBlueNormal Saline1.0 mL
S420EGEmboGold® Microspheres300-500 µmSyringe20 mLBlueNormal Saline2.0 mL
S610EGEmboGold® Microspheres500-700 µmSyringe20 mLRedNormal Saline1.0 mL
S620EGEmboGold® Microspheres500-700 µmSyringe20 mLRedNormal Saline2.0 mL
S810EGEmboGold® Microspheres700-900 µmSyringe20 mLGreenNormal Saline1.0 mL
S820EGEmboGold® Microspheres700-900 µmSyringe20 mLGreenNormal Saline2.0 mL