Kensington™ Guide Wire Bone Biopsy System

The system for Seldinger-inspired placement of a blunt 11G introducer via a 20G guide wire for a guided approach before reaching bone.

System Components

As with all the Merit Bone Biopsy Systems, the Kensington™ System contains the Preston™ Bone Biopsy Needle, designed for either incremental sampling for blastic lesions or with optional syringe aspiration. The system components include:

  • Needle
  • Guide wire
  • Hollow stylet/tapered-tip cannula introducer
  • Clockwise trephine-tip biopsy needle
  • Ejector pin
Kensington Guide Wire Bone Biopsy System

The Kensington™ Guide Wire Bone Biopsy System is a minimally invasive, coaxial system designed for deep bone and sensitive procedures requiring a very precise approach.

Available in 11G in two lengths (10cm and 15cm), the Kensington™ System includes a smooth, tapered access needle that is placed directly over a 20G wire through the line of anesthesia. This method assists in creating a less traumatic pathway through soft tissues and adjacent structures and is designed to lessen exposure by minimizing repeat scanning. The Kensington™ System’s guided approach and blunt access facilitates biopsy of the upper spine.