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Merit’s line of Flex-Neck PD catheters come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate tunneling options and exit site options. The Adult, Adolescent and Pediatric Catheters have an internal diameter (ID) that is 35% larger than competitive catheters, resulting in up to 30% higher flow rates. Infant catheters are available in one and two cuff configurations. Each catheter kit contains a unique stenciling system for improved placement accuracy.

The Flex-Neck® Adult catheter has an internal diameter of 3.5 mm, allowing up to 30% higher flow rates than other catheters currently on the U.S. market. Our Flex-Neck Classic and ARC shapes are designed to accommodate various tunneling techniques and exit site options.

Flex-Neck ExxTended™
Upper Chest

Flex-Neck ExxTended™
Upper Abdomen

Flex-Neck® Classic
Lower Abdomen

Flex-Neck ARC™
Lower Abdomen

Catheters are available to suit multiple patient types; Obese, Adult, Adolescent, Pediatric and Infants.

Catheter Implantation Kits

Our kits are designed for the single-site incision of a PD catheter, to streamline the implantation procedure and to promote efficiency. Multiple kit options are available to support your specific implantation approach and tunneling style.


  • Unique Cuff Implantor Tool designed to streamline deep-cuff implantation in the muscle
  • Cuff Implantor Tool
  • Large Dilator
  • Small Dilator
  • Luke® Guide Assembly
  • Unique Luke® Guide
  • Assembly with integrated, expandable sheath for smallest opening
  • Tunnelor® Tool


  • Large Dilator
  • Longer Luke® Guide
  • Assembly can be used for patients with a higher body mass index
  • Plastic Faller Trocar


  • 15 F Plastic Faller Trocar (tunneler) for a tight, clean exit site
  • 0.038” J tipped, 150 cm guide wire for over-the-wire catheter placement
  • 18F Peelable Sheath

Catheter Implantation Accessories & Embedding


  • Embedding® Tool
  • Embedding Plug inside catheter


  • Metal Faller Trocar


  • Titanium Connector and Cap


  • Implantation Stylette

Peritoneoscopic Implantation Equipment

  • MG-400 Y-TEC® Peritoneoscope


CF-5560 / CF-5570

Complete ExxTended Catheter Kit in two configurations for upper abdomen and pre-sternal procedures

  • Unique site-to-site measuring tools designed for precise placement.
  • Upper Catheter
  • (Also available with 2 cuffs)
  • Lower Catheter
  • Measuring Rod
  • Double-Ended Titanium Connector
  • Tunneling Rod

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Catalog NumberProduct FamilyProduct TypeAccessory DescriptionCatheter TypeCatheter CompatabilityDistal Cuff to Coil (cm)LengthDistance between Cuffs (cm)Number of CuffsDistal Cuff to Tip (cm)Overall Length Straight (cm)SterilizationLatex FreeHCPCS CodeShipping Box Qty
CC-1301PD AccessoriesReplacement Connector and Cap KitPlastic-Adult, Adolescent, PediatricAdult/Adolescent/PediatricETOYesNo Applicable Code
CC-1360PD AccessoriesReplacement Connector and Cap Kit for InfantPlastic-InfantInfantETOYes
CC-2300PD AccessoriesTwo-Piece Titanium Catheter ConnectorTitanium-Adult, Adolescent, PediatricAdult/Adolescent/PediatricETOYes
CE-1400PD AccessoriesFlex-Neck® Catheter External Repair KitCatheter ExtenderAll Catheter TypesETOYes
CF-4230Classic4.5 cm3.0 cm2 Cuffs42.0 cmETOYesC175030
CF-4235Classic4.5 cm1 Cuff42.0 cmETOYesC175030
CF-4430ARC™4.5 cm3.0 cm2 Cuffs42.0 cmETOYesC175030
CF-5161Classic6.0 cm2 Cuffs15.5 cm52.0 cmETOYesC175030
CF-5242Classic6.5 cm4.0 cm2 Cuffs52.0 cmETOYesC175030
CF-5243Classic9.5 cm4.5 cm2 Cuffs62.0 cmETOYesC175030
CF-5244Classic9.5 cm1 Cuff62.0 cmETOYesC175030
CF-5247Classic6.5 cm1 Cuff52.0 cmETOYesC175030
CF-5249Classic13.5 cm1 Cuff62.0 cmETOYesC175030
CF-5250Classic14.0 cm5.0 cm2 Cuffs62.0 cmETOYesC175030
CF-5260Classic15.5 cm6.0 cm2 Cuffs62.0 cmETOYesC175030
CF-5270Classic16.5 cm7.0 cm2 Cuffs62.0 cmETOYesC175030
CF-5442ARC™6.5 cm4.5 cm2 Cuffs52.0 cmETOYesC175030
CF-5443ARC™9.5 cm4.5 cm2 Cuffs52.0 cmETOYesC175030
CF-5450ARC™14.0 cm6.0 cm2 Cuffs62.0 cmETOYesC175030
CF-5460ARC™15.5 cm6.0 cm2 Cuffs62.0 cmETOYesC175030
CF-5470ARC™16.5 cm6.0 cm2 Cuffs62.0 cmETOYesc175030
CF-5560ExxTended™16.0 cm2 Cuffs (1) Upper (1) Lower62.0 cm (Upper & Lower)ETOYesC175028
CF-5570ExxTended™16.0 cm3 Cuffs (2) Upper (1) Lower62.0 cm (Upper & Lower)ETOYesC175028
CS-242PD AccessoriesCatheter Implantation StyletteInfantInfant42 cmNSYesNO APPLICABLE CODE
CS-352PD AccessoriesCatheter Implantation StylettePediatric Coiled Adult StraightAdult/Pediatric52 cmNSYesNO APPLICABLE CODE
CS-362PD AccessoriesCatheter Implantation StyletteAdolescent and Adult CoiledAdolescent/Adult62 cmNSYesNO APPLICABLE CODE
CSS-242PD AccessoriesCatheter Implantation StyletteInfantInfant42 cmETOYesNO APPLICABLE CODE
CSS-352PD AccessoriesCatheter Implantation StylettePediatric Coiled Adult StraightAdult/Pediatric52 cmETOYesNO APPLICABLE CODE
CSS-362PD AccessoriesCatheter Implantation StyletteAdolescent and Adult CoiledAdolescent/Adult62 cmETOYesNO APPLICABLE CODE
FS-300EquipmentEquipment ScopePeritoneoscopeNSYesNo Applicable Code
FT-1100PD AccessoriesFaller TrocarMetalAll Catheter TypesETOYesNo Applicable Code
HLS-150T-DEquipmentEquipment Power SourcePower Source, 220 V, D PlugNSYesNo Applicable Code
IA-102PD AccessoriesAir Insufflation KitAir Insufflation KitETOYesNo Applicable Code25
LG-103EquipmentEquipment Light GuideLight GuideNSYesNo Applicable Code
LLS-2000T-DEquipmentEquipment Power SourcePower Source, 220 V, D PlugNSYes
ST-700MGEquipmentEquipment Sterilization TraySterilization Tray for MG-400 ScopeNSYesNo Applicable Code
TE-1000PD AccessoriesEmbedding ToolEmbedding ToolAll Catheter TypesETOYesNo Applicable Code30
VP-210Insertion KitImplantation System for Peritoneal Dialysis CathetLaparoscopic/PeritoneoscopicETOYes30
VP-211Insertion KitImplantation System for Peritoneal Dialysis CathetLaparoscopic/PeritoneoscopicETOYesC189230
VP-411Insertion KitImplantation System for Peritoneal Dialysis CathetLaparoscopicETOYesC189230
VP-511Insertion KitImplantation System for Peritoneal Dialysis CathetPercutaneousETOYesC1769, C1892
VP-511MInsertion KitImplantation System for Peritoneal Dialysis CathetPercutaneousETOYesC1769, C1892
VS-1810EquipmentPD EquipmentPD Equipment 4 Component SystemNSYesNo Applicable Code