Bipedicular Footprint via Unipedicular Approach

The Arcadia Steerable and Straight Balloons are designed to achieve controlled, precise, targeted cavity creation in your vertebral augmentation procedures, whether your approach is unipedicular or bipedicular.

Arcadia Steerable Balloon for Unipedicular Vertebral Augmentation

Arcadia Steerable Balloon - Unipedicular Vertebral Augmentation

Sophisticated steerable technology in unipedicular procedures enables:

  • Bipedicular footprint through unipedicular approach
  • Reduced incision and access-related morbidity1
  • Transpedicular approach and modified trajectory once past Pedicle body junction
  • Optimal targeting and reduced procedural radiation exposure2
  • Similar trajectory as steerable electrode when used for cavity creation post ablation

Please Note: Balloon should only be inflated once appropriately placed.


  1. HJ Chung et al. International Orthopedics 2008 32:817
  2. Sun H et al. Pain Physician. 2016: 19: 551–563

Arcadia Straight Balloon for Bipedicular Vertebral Augmentation

Arcadia Straight Balloon - Bipedicular Vertebral Augmentation

The Arcadia Straight Balloon is designed for consistent, predictable, and precise cavity creation when compacting cancellous bone in the treatment of vertebral compression fractures via bipedicular approach.

Arcadia Steerable and Straight Balloon Features

High Pressure, Reduced Compliancy, and Higher Volumes

Intended to restore vertebral height more evenly

Arcadia Balloon High Pressure, Reduced Compliancy, Higher Volumes - Merit Medical - VCF
Arcadia Balloon Resheathing Tool - Merit Medical - VCF

Resheathing Tool

Locks into handle, reducing obstruction during procedures and providing ease of access when needed

Ergonomic Handle

Handle design is low-profile for ease of placement and use

Arcadia Balloon Ergonomic Handle - Merit Medical - VCF

Box Quantity: 1

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Catalog NumberTrademarkMax Volume (cc)Balloon Length (mm)
ARC10SBArcadia™3 cc10 mm
ARC10STArcadia™3 cc10 mm
ARC15SBArcadia™4 cc15 mm
ARC15STArcadia™4 cc15 mm
ARC20SBArcadia™5 cc20 mm
ARC20STArcadia™5 cc20 mm
ARC25SBArcadia™7 cc25 mm
ARC25STArcadia™7 cc25 mm
ARC30SBArcadia™8 cc30 mm
ARC30STArcadia™8 cc30 mm

NOTE: Comes in full kits or individual balloons.