Bedford Guided Hard Bone Biopsy System

The Bedford™ Guided Hard Bone Biopsy System is designed for hard bone procedures, available in 11G in two lengths.

System Components

As with all the Merit Bone Biopsy Systems, the Bedford™ System contains the Preston™ Bone Biopsy Needle, designed for either incremental sampling for blastic lesions or with optimal syringe aspiration.

  • Guide rod
  • Perforating-tip cannula introducer
  • Drill insert
  • Clockwise trephine-tip biopsy needle
  • Ejector pin

This guided, hard bone biopsy system features:

  • Guide rod access to minimize damage to surrounding tissues
  • Unique perforating cannula and hard bone drilling technology
  • Control and precision while traversing dense bone
  • Preston™ Bone Biopsy Needle for multiple, optimized lesion sampling

Please note: The Madison™ and Huntington™ Systems feature the same hard bone access perforating cannula and drilling technology but with direct or guide wire access, respectively. To meet your procedural needs, both systems are available in multiple sizes and lengths.

Introduction Method

The guide rod is anchored into the cortex, and the perforating cannula is placed over the rod and rotated counterclockwise through soft tissue. To penetrate dense cortex, a drill replaces the rod and locks together with the perforating cannula.

Box Quantity: 1

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Catalog NumberExpanded Family NameSizeGaugeLengthSterilizationLatex FreeShipping Box Qty
KBP1110Guide Wire Hard Bone Biopsy SystemSingle11G10 cmETOYes1
KBP1115Guide Wire Hard Bone Biopsy SystemSingle11G15 cmETOYes1

* Gauge sizes may be closest approximate
** Length refers to the working needle only and does not include additional handle length