Bedford™ Hard Bone Biopsy System

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Feature & Benefits

Guide rod access to MINIMIZE DAMAGE to surrounding tissues

UNIQUE PERFORATING CANNULA and hard bone drilling technology

CONTROL AND PRECISION while traversing dense bone


  1. Ergonomic Handles
    Including removable options, the handles lock together, allowing for a comfortable grip if manual assertion is necessary.
  2. Depth Markers
    Clear centimeter markings and depth stoppers give a visual guide for biopsy protrusion beyond introducer.
  3. Ejector Pin
    Specimens are ejected from the proximal (luer) end and out the distal end, for ease and specimen preservation.

Bedford Biopsy System has ergonomic handles, depth markers, and an ejector pin

Perforating Cannula

Bedford System - Perforating Cannula Over Drill minimizing damage

Helps to minimize damage to surrounding bone & tissue

Clockwise Biopsy Needle

Bedford System - Biopsy needle feature trephine teeth to maximize yield

Features clockwise-cutting trephine teeth to optimise diagnostic yield


The guide rod is anchored into the cortex, and the perforating cannula is placed over the rod and rotated counterclockwise through soft tissue. To penetrate dense cortex, a drill replaces the rod and locks together with the perforating cannula.

NOTE: As with all the Merit Bone Biopsy Systems, the Bedford System contains the Preston™ Bone Biopsy Needle, designed for either incremental sampling for blastic lesions or with optimal syringe aspiration.




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