Delivering Excellence For Our Partners

We are fully committed to delivering excellence across all aspects of our business. This includes not only the highest quality products, but also the Merit employees who interact with our customers, our turnaround time on shipping and deliveries, and the additional value we can bring to your health system with clinician training programs.

Customer Experience

  • Late cut-off times for order submissions
  • EDI capabilities
  • Customers reach a live customer service person, no queue
  • Strategic corporate team that engages with GPO, IDN and HSA partners
  • Flexible contracts and proposals to fit needs

Clinical Expertise

  • Relationship with partners and healthcare providers don’t end once the product is received
  • Clinical team to help in-service and train on product implementation
  • Intensive sales representative training
  • Physician Education Programs

Operational Excellence

Transportation & Distribution

  • Follow GS1 standards for shipping automation and procedures
  • Global distribution facilities

Product Development

  • Using customer feedback to create and perfect products to address user needs
  • Constantly seeking innovation that leads to better patient outcomes
  • Internal Research and Development teams in multiple countries

Business Continuity

  • Back-up plans and generators in place for all automated finished goods warehouses
  • Disaster strategies to keep automated warehouse equipment running, even in extended outages
  • Safety stocks of raw materials
  • Almost all assembly is done internally
  • Where possible, Merit is our own supply chain