Inflation Devices

For nearly 30 years, Merit Medical has been a market leader in inflation device technology. By working closely with clinicians, we are able to create innovative devices to meet the need for faster inflation, greater capacity, accuracy, and reliability.

Our broad product portfolio offers a wide range of features and price options–analog and digital, low- and high-pressure capacity–for inflation, deflation, and measurement of pressures in a variety of balloons and stents.

Blue Diamond™

With a precise digital pressure gauge

and digital timer, you don’t need to wonder how long an inflation was or what pressure was obtained. The Blue Diamond™ digital inflation device offers an integrated digital gauge and timer with the ability to record and recall prior inflation information. Ideal for ensuring precise inflation pressure and for tracking procedure data.

The Blue Diamond Inflation Syringe is used to inflate and deflate balloon angioplasty catheters or other interventional devices and to measure the pressure and time of inflation within the balloon during the procedure. It is also used to dispense fluids into the body and monitor the pressure of that fluid.


Fast and versatile – the basixTOUCH™

provides expanded capacity for inflation. With 35 ATM pressure capability and 30 mL syringe volume, the basixTOUCH is ideal for any interventional lab using high-pressure, large-volume balloons. With wider threads and quick-release handle, the basixTOUCH offers rapid inflation and deflation to busy labs that need top efficiency.


Higher performance when you need it most.

The average procedure may require multiple inflations, making the time required for inflation and deflation critical. The basixTOUCH40™ delivers the speed you need and the performance you demand to meet the requirements of your busy lab.


The gold standard inflation device for interventional balloon inflation

With over 10 million devices used worldwide, busy interventional labs can rely on the basixCOMPAK™ for their procedures. The basixCOMPAK offers 30 ATM pressure and 20 mL volume and can be packaged with a wide variety of angioplasty kits and procedure packs.

Hemostasis Valves

Patients and medical staff want to reduce blood loss as much as possible

In response, Merit Medical has developed a full line of hemostasis valves to minimize blood loss in interventional medicine, while also supporting a wide array of procedures and devices. Merit Medical has been a market leader in the design and manufacture of hemostasis valves and has manufactured over 10 million valves to support the diverse needs of our users.


Small bore 7.3F device simplifies procedures with an easy one-handed push-and-release mechanism, freeing your other hand to deliver interventional equipment.

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Premier large bore 9F device with specially designed Tuohy valve that improves wire grip.

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Small bore 7F device with push-pull bleedback mechanism. The Honor has an innovative triple-slit bleedback seal and no Tuohy-style seal.

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