ONE Snare® System

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Feature & Benefits

One Snare product features call out


1. Designed for Better Foreign Body Capture

With a 15mm snare loop

2. Excellent Support

From a Nitinol core wire that provides shape-memory and superelasticity

3. Radioplaque Platinum Marker Band

To easily visualize tip of catheter

4. 15 Degree Curve

On the distal tip for easy steerability

5. Kink Resistant Catheter

Designed to improve strength and ensure procedural success

Nitinol & Gold-Plated Tungsten Loop

Retains snare’s circular shape to support capture of foreign bodies and allow high visibility

Nitinol and gold-plated tip of One Snare

Reduced Procedural Times

UNIQUE peel-away insertion tool for quick and efficient snare loading with EN Snare® and ONE Snare.®



Discover more about the ONE Snare® System by reviewing the brochures and Instructions for Use.


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