ALIMAXX-ES™ Esophageal Stent

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Feature & Benefits

The first FDA cleared fully covered esophageal stent that features:

Increased Deployment Accuracy

With no need to compensate for stent foreshortening.

Reduction in Stent Movement

Reduction in stent movement “inch worming” as a result of the stent elongating and shortening from changes in compression force.

Purse-string Design of Proximal Suture Knot

Allows repositioning and removal immediately post-placement.


  • The only fully covered esophageal stent available in 12, 14, 16, 18 and 22 mm diameters allowing for multitude of patient specific solutions
  • Optimal radial force, combined with small diameter sizes, provide an ideal solution for patients who require stent placement near the upper esophageal sphincter
  • Laser cut design produces virtually no stent foreshortening or elongation resulting in an accurate stent placement
  • Ease of deployment with pre-loaded catheter system
  • Low profile (7.4mm) and flexible delivery system with accurate one-handed delivery over target site
  • The +5 mm proximal flare and +3 mm distal flare provide outstanding mucosal wall contact
  • Smartzone™ technology allows for a firm midbody with soft flared ends intended to maintain patency while reducing healthy tissue trauma
  • Proprietary anti-migration struts face distally and are designed to minimize migration
  • Silicone covering helps decrease tissue ingrowth and stent degradation
  • Redesigned anti-migration struts provide increased mucosal wall contact and friction, while remaining fully covered.


Discover more about the ALIMAXX-ES™ Esophageal Stent by reviewing the brochures and Instructions for Use.


Order Information

Please Note:
• All ALIMAXX-ES Esophageal Stents are latex free and non-sterile
• Maximum Guide Wire size is .035”
• Non-clinical testing has demonstrated that the ALIMAXX-ES Esophageal Stent System is MR Conditional. It can be scanned safely under the conditions outlined in the Instructions For Use.