Mistique® Infusion Catheters

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The Mistique infusion catheter has been fabricated for stiffness, ease of placement, and trackability. The Mistique is part of Merit Medical’s comprehensive line of therapeutic infusion systems used to treat peripheral arterial occlusions, hemodialysis graft occlusions, and deep vein thrombosis. 

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Fountain® and Mistique® Infusion System

Fountain® and Mistique® Infusion System

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A new 5 French infusion catheter with uniform distribution of therapeutic solutions from proximal to distal end of the infusion segment. Manufactured to provide the proper stiffness for good trackability and ease of placement. Side holes rotate around the catheter to create a more uniform dispersion of the therapeutic agent.


The Mistique Infusion Catheter is available in two configurations that accept an 0.035” (0.89mm) wire or an 0.038” (0.97mm) wire.


Accessories include the SquirtTM Fluid Dispensing System and/or Pulse Infusion Kits.


The Mistique Infusion Catheter is designed to be used with either a standard guide wire or an infusion wire. Therapeutic solution is delivered uniformly throughout the entire infusion segment.


  • K12-00462 Pulse Infusion Kit consists of in-line check relief valve, AccessPLUSTM hemostasis valve, 1ml infusion syringe, and 20ml reservoir syringe.
  • K12-00463 Pulse Infusion Kit consists of in-line check relief valve, 1ml infusion syringe, and 20ml reservoir syringe.
  • FDS-100 SquirtTM Fluid Dispensing System
  • MAP150 AccessPLUSTM Hemostasis Valve


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Catalog NumberExpanded Family NameFrench Size (F)Catheter Length (cm)Infusion Segment Length (cm)Catheter Body MaterialSterilizationLatex FreeHCPCS CodeShipping Box QtyGS1GTIN UnitGTIN CartonGTIN Shipper
K12-MIC04505Therapeutic Infusion Catheter5F45 cm5 cmPebaxETOYes5
K12-MIC04510Therapeutic Infusion Catheter5F45 cm10 cmPebaxETOYes5
K12-MIC09005Therapeutic Infusion Catheter5F90 cm5 cmPebaxETOYes5
K12-MIC09010Therapeutic Infusion Catheter5F90 cm10 cmPebaxETOYes5
K12-MIC13505Therapeutic Infusion Catheter5F135 cm5 cmPebaxETOYes5
K12-MIC13510Therapeutic Infusion Catheter5F135 cm10 cmPebaxETOYes5
K12-MIF04510Therapeutic Infusion Catheter4F45 cm10 cmPebaxETOYes5
K12-MIF09005Therapeutic Infusion Catheter4F90 cm5 cmPebaxETOYes5
K12-MIF09010Therapeutic Infusion Catheter4F90 cm10 cmPebaxETOYes5
K12-MIF09020Therapeutic Infusion Catheter4F90 cm20 cmPebaxETOYes5
K12-MIF13505Therapeutic Infusion Catheter4F135 cm5 cmPebaxETOYes5
K12-MIF13520Therapeutic Infusion Catheter4F135 cm20 cmPebaxETOYes5
MIC5-135-10-035Therapeutic Infusion Catheter5F135 cm10 cmPebaxETOYesC17515
MIC5-135-5-035Therapeutic Infusion Catheter5F135 cm5 cmPebaxETOYesC17515
MIC5-45-10-035Therapeutic Infusion Catheter5F45 cm10 cmPebaxETOYesC17515
MIC5-45-5-035Therapeutic Infusion Catheter5F45 cm5 cmPebaxETOYesC17515
MIC5-90-10-035Therapeutic Infusion Catheter5F90 cm10 cmPebaxETOYesC17515
MIC5-90-5-035Therapeutic Infusion Catheter5F90 cm5 cmPebaxETOYesC17515