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The Mistique infusion catheter has been fabricated for stiffness, ease of placement, and trackability. Radiopaque marker bands are placed at each end of the infusion segment. The 5F side hole catheter can be placed over a standard 0.035″ guide wire. The Mistique is part of Merit Medical’s comprehensive line of therapeutic infusion systems used to treat peripheral arterial occlusions, hemodialysis graft occlusions, and deep vein thrombosis. Accessories include the Squirt fluid dispensing system and/or pulse infusion kits.

Ordering Information

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Catalog NumberFrench Size (F)Catheter Length (cm)Infusion Segment Length (cm)Catheter Body MaterialHCPCS CodeGS1GTIN UnitGTIN CartonGTIN Shipper
MIC5-135-10-0355F135 cm10 cmPebaxC175101215008844500121541088445001215120884450012158
MIC5-135-5-0355F135 cm5 cmPebaxC175101214008844500121471088445001214420884450012141
MIC5-45-10-0355F45 cm10 cmPebaxC175101209008844500120931088445001209020884450012097
MIC5-45-5-0355F45 cm5 cmPebaxC175101208008844500120861088445001208320884450012080
MIC5-90-10-0355F90 cm10 cmPebaxC175101212008844500121231088445001212020884450012127
MIC5-90-5-0355F90 cm5 cmPebaxC175101211008844500121161088445001211320884450012110