The Thoracentesis and Paracentesis Set (TAPS) from Merit Medical combines all the necessary components for centesis procedures in a convenient all-in-one set. TAPS includes the low-profile Valved One-Step centesis catheter and the components needed for drainage of fluid and specimen collection for diagnostic purposes. Merit Medical’s Valved One-Step centesis catheter is designed with an integrated self-sealing valve to minimize the risk of air entering the pleural space and to prevent fluid leakage during thoracentesis and paracentesis procedures.


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Merit Medical offers an INTEGRATED suite of products designed to support your drainage procedures every step of the way. By listening to you and understanding your needs, we are able to create PRODUCTS that meet your clinical challenges with SUPERIOR performance and reliable QUALITY. We provide the products you need, when you need them, to help you deliver efficient, patient-focused, and cost-effective CARE.


PALTM Medication Labeling System
Medallion® Syringes
Futura® Safety Scalpel
BackStop+TM Disposal Basin with Temporary Sharps Holder
Merit Disposal DepotTM Waste Bags

Merit Medical has a complete line of products designed to ensure the safety of clinicians and patients. SHIELDED scalpels, and SECURE temporary sharps holders help protect clinicians from accidental sharps injuries. Closed containers prevent hazardous spills and allow convenient and SAFE waste disposal. Multiple color options and smear-resistant labeling for syringes and containers help meet safety goals by preventing medication errors.


MAK-NVTM Non-Vascular Mini Access Kit Merit Medical helps you achieve QUICK and efficient access with an introducer system designed with a radiopaque marker for PRECISE location of the introducer tip. It has an echo-enhanced needle for more ACCURATE placement with ultrasound guidance.


ReSolve® Biliary Locking Drainage Catheter
ReSolve® Non-Locking Drainage Catheter

For all-purpose and biliary drainage procedures, ReSolve locking, non-locking, and biliary drainage catheters help to LESSEN TRAUMA and promote more accurate placement. The tip of the locking and biliary drainage catheters are located on the inside of the pigtail curve to prevent irritation of the surrounding tissue. The catheter shafts have depth-positioning markers to facilitate ACCURATE placement and to act as a reference for correct POSITIONING.

Thoracentesis & Paracentesis Set
One-StepTM Centesis Catheter

The valved One-StepTM has been designed for safety and controlled insertion to decrease paracentesis and thoracentesis procedure times. The SELF-CLOSING valve reduces the risk of pneumothorax and fluid leakage. The SHARP needle, smooth transition, and tapered tip help to DECREASE resistance and patient discomfort – while the echo-enhanced needle ensures more accurate placement. Large drainage holes and the pigtail
tip design maximize drainage.


StayFIX® Fixation Device
RevolutionTM Catheter Securement Device

Drainage procedures require SAFE and SECURE catheter fixation. Our securement devices hold catheters in place without the use of needles
reducing the risk of accidental sharps injuries for clinicians. They are a COMFORTABLE option for patients. The Revolution’s see-through cap provides protection when showering.


Merit drainage bags have EASY-TO-READ markings to identify fluid volume, a twist valve for easy disposal of fluids, and an internal ANTI-REFLUX valve. Available with ADJUSTABLE length tubing and a VELCRO® brand leg strap to fit a variety of patients.


Merit Medical can help you OPTIMIZE the economics of delivering clinical care quickly, efficiently, and safely by offering INTEGRATED procedure packs designed by you with your preferred products organized in the order that they are needed.

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Catalog NumberExpanded Family Name1Expanded Family Name2Catheter French Size (F)Catheter LengthCatheter Luer FittingCatheter TipValveSterilizationLatex FreeHCPCS CodeShipping Box Qty
TAPS-100Thoracentesis andParacentesis SetETOYes5
TAPS-5F-10LTThoracentesis andParacentesis Set5F10 cm (3.9")Fixed LuerStraightValveETOYesC17295
TAPS-5F-10TThoracentesis andParacentesis Set5F10 cm (3.9")Slip FitStraightValveETOYesC17295
TAPS-5F-12PLTThoracentesis andParacentesis Set5F12 cm (4.7")Fixed LuerPigtailValveETOYesC17295
TAPS-5F-12PTThoracentesis andParacentesis Set5F12 cm (4.7")Slip FitPigtailValveETOYesC17295
TAPS-5F-17PLTThoracentesis andParacentesis Set5F17 cm (6.7")Fixed LuerPigtailValveETOYesC17295
TAPS-5F-17PTThoracentesis andParacentesis Set5F17 cm (6.7")Slip FitPigtailValveETOYesC17295
TAPS-5F-7LTThoracentesis andParacentesis Set5F7 cm (2.75")Fixed LuerStraightValveETOYesC17295
TAPS-5F-7TThoracentesis andParacentesis Set5F7 cm (2.75")Slip FitStraightValveETOYesC17295
TAPS-6F-10LTThoracentesis andParacentesis Set6F10 cm (3.9")Fixed LuerStraightValveETOYesC17295
TAPS-6F-10TThoracentesis andParacentesis Set6F10 cm (3.9")Slip FitStraightValveETOYesC17295
TAPS-6F-12PLTThoracentesis andParacentesis Set6F12 cm (4.7")Fixed LuerPigtailValveETOYesC17295
TAPS-6F-12PTThoracentesis andParacentesis Set6F12 cm (4.7")Slip FitPigtailValveETOYesC17295
TAPS-6F-17PLTThoracentesis andParacentesis Set6F17 cm (6.7")Fixed LuerPigtailValveETOYesC17295
TAPS-6F-17PTThoracentesis andParacentesis Set6F17 cm (6.7")Slip FitPigtailValveETOYesC17295
TAPS-6F-7LTThoracentesis andParacentesis Set6F7 cm (2.75")Fixed LuerStraightValveETOYesC17295
TAPS-6F-7TThoracentesis andParacentesis Set6F7 cm (2.75")Slip FitStraightValveETOYesC17295
TAPS-8F-10LTThoracentesis andParacentesis Set8F10 cm (3.9")Fixed LuerStraightValveETOYesC17295
TAPS-8F-10TThoracentesis andParacentesis Set8F10 cm (3.9")Slip FitStraightValveETOYesC17295
TAPS-8F-12PLTThoracentesis andParacentesis Set8F12 cm (4.7")Fixed LuerPigtailValveETOYesC17295
TAPS-8F-12PTThoracentesis andParacentesis Set8F12 cm (4.7")Slip FitPigtailValveETOYesC17295
TAPS-8F-17PLTThoracentesis andParacentesis Set8F17 cm (6.7")Fixed LuerPigtailValveETOYesC17295
TAPS-8F-17PTThoracentesis andParacentesis Set8F17 cm (6.7")Slip FitPigtailValveETOYesC17295
TAPS-8F-7LTThoracentesis andParacentesis Set8F7 cm (2.75")Fixed LuerStraightValveETOYesC17295
TAPS-8F-7TThoracentesis andParacentesis Set8F7 cm (2.75")Slip FitStraightValveETOYesC17295