ReSolve® Biliary Locking Drainage Catheters

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The ReSolve+ Biliary Locking Drainage Catheter is MR Conditional

Non-clinical testing has demonstrated that the ReSolve+ Biliary Locking Drainage Catheter is MR Conditional. This device can be scanned safely in a patient, immediately after placement under the following conditions:

  • Static Magnetic Field of 3 Tesla or less
  • Maximum spatial gradient magnetic field of 4,000 gauss/cm (40 T/m)
  • Maximum MR system reported, whole body averaged specific absorption rate (SAR) of 4-W/kg in the First Level Controlled Operating Mode of operation for the MR system


Under the scan conditions defined above, the ReSolve+ Biliary Locking Drainage Catheter is expected to produce a maximum temperature rise of 2.3°C after 15 minutes of continuous scanning.


The maximum artifact size as seen on the gradient echo pulse sequence at 3-Tesla extends approximately 2-mm relative to the size of the shape of the ReSolve+ Biliary Locking Drainage Catheter

Powerful Drainage

Our ReSolve Biliary Locking Drainage Catheter is designed for FAST, UNIMPEDED DRAINAGE and offers up to 4X the drainage area, with multiple LARGE HOLES and different size configurations. Additional benefits include depth markers and a radiopaque marker band for FAST AND ACCURATE POSITIONING, an atraumatic pigtail designed to reduce the potential for damaging the duodenum, and its polyurethane material allows for long-term indwelling time.

  • Two drainage hole patterns to accommodate multiple lesion locations and varying patient anatomy
  • Unique locking mechanism to prevent movement.
  • Repositioning tool to unlock and reposition catheter.
  • Radiopaque marker band helps with fast and accurate positioning.

resolve-biliary-locking-RBDC  resolve-biliary-locking-RBC

The different hole patterns of the ReSolve Biliary Locking Drainage Catheter provide targeted drainage of both distal lesions (RBDC option) and proximal lesions (RBC option).



Discover more about the ReSolve® Biliary Locking Drainage Catheters by reviewing the brochures and Instructions for Use.


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