ReSolve® & ReSolve® Mini Locking Drainage Catheters

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Feature & Benefits

Pigtail size

The standard and mini pig pigtail sizes help ensure the right size pigtail for the drainage area.

Accurate placement

Depth markers aid in accurate placement and act as a reference for correct positioning.


Catheter tip positioned within pigtail curve to reduce tissue irritation.

Ease of Insertion

Tapered tip and hydrophilic coating facilitate a smooth introduction to reduce patient discomfort.

Catheter Security

The unique design makes it easy to engage the locking mechanism with one hand and is also tamper resistant. The low profile of the locking mechanism and hub are designed to provide patient comfort.

Drainage Efficiency

The large drainage holes maximize drainage while maintaining catheter patency.

High Visibility

Radiopaque platinum marker band incorporated into the catheter wall for visualizing the most proximal drainage hole.

Easy Identification

Color-coded catheter hubs and packaging make it easy to determine the French size for initial placements and catheter exchanges.

Drainage Innovation Improves Patient Care



Discover more about the ReSolve® & ReSolve® Mini Locking Drainage Catheters by reviewing the brochures and Instructions for Use.


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