FastBreak™ Breakaway Connector

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The FastBreak Breakaway Connector is designed to promote patient safety by having the catheter detach at the connector site rather than causing injury to the organ, soft tissues, or compromising the drainage treatment being offered.

Features & Benefits

FastBreak connector by Merit Medical for patient safety

The FastBreak Breakaway Connector is a patient safety device intended to serve as a conduit between a general drainage catheter and an external fluid reservoir. The two-piece connector has a patient side that connects to the catheter tubing and a second side that connects to a drainage supply receptacle. In use, the two sides are connected, thereby allowing fluids to flow through uninterrupted. When a force is applied to the catheter or the drainage bag the connector will disconnect eliminating risk of the catheter dislodging from the patient. The connector is then able to be reconnected.

Patient Safety

Prevention of bodily fluids becoming exposed or catheter being compromised.

Cost Effective

May lessen additional services required in health care facilities.

Ease of Use

Three force strength offerings: low, medium, and high and easy to reconnect.


Discover more about the FastBreak™ Breakaway Connector by reviewing the brochures and Instructions for Use.


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