Features & Benefits

Achieve precise samples with the Achieve® device

The lightweight, automatic Achieve device is spring-loaded for fast, accurate penetration. It gives you the precise control and quality sampling capability you need when working with calcified or fibrous lesions. You can conveniently operate the device with one hand.

Easy-to-use, lightweight, one-handed design
The device provides smooth, one-handed operation, making it ideal for ultrasound guided biopsy.

Delayed firing option
This option allows you to visualize needle placement within a lesion before capturing the sample tissue.

Coaxial introducer
This option allows multiple sampling from one percutaneous puncture with minimal damage to surrounding tissue.

Echogenic markings
Echogenic markings help to confirm the placement of the sample notch for precise ultrasound positioning.

Ordering Information

Achieve Coaxial Biopsy Introducer

Cat. no.Biopsy needle sizeIntroducer needle sizeUsable length
20GCA201120G x 11cm19G x 6cm5cm
CA201520G x 15cm19G x 10cm9cm
CA202020G x 20cm19G x 15cm14cm
18GCA181118G x 11cm17G x 6cm5cm
CA181518G x 15cm17G x 10cm9cm
CA182018G x 20cm17G x 15cm14cm
16GCA161116G x 11cm15G x 6cm5cm
CA161516G x 15cm15G x 10cm9cm
CA162016G x 20cm15G x 15cm14cm
14GCA141114G x 11cm13.5G x 6cm5cm
CA141514G x 15cm13.5G x 10cm9cm
CA142014G x 20cm13.5G x 15cm14cm

Achieve Biopsy Needles Only

Catalog NumberNeedle Size
20GA20620G x 6cm
A20920G x 9cm
A201120G x 11cm
A201520G x 15cm
A202020G x 20cm
18GA18618G x 6cm
A18918G x 9cm
A181118G x 11cm
A181518G x 15cm
A182018G x 20cm
16GA16616G x 6cm
A16916G x 9cm
A161116G x 11cm
A161516G x 15cm
A162016G x 20cm
14GA14614G x 6cm
A14914G x 9cm
A141114G x 11cm
A141514G x 15cm
A142014G x 20cm

Universal Coaxial Introducers

Cat. No.Introducer Needle SizeBiopsy Needle SizeBiopsy Needle Cat. No. Ending
20GPP201020G x 10cm22G x 15cm2215
PP201520G x 15cm22G x 20cm2220
PP20620G x 6cm22G x 11cm2211
19GPP19619G x 6cm20G x 11cm2011
PP191019G x 10cm20G x 15cm2015
PP191519G x 15cm20G x 20cm2020
17GPP17617G x 6cm18G x 11cm1811
PP171017G x 10cm18G x 15cm1815
PP171517G x 15cm18G x 20cm1820
15GPP15615G x 6cm16G x 11cm1611
PP1510A15G x 10cm16G x 15cm1615
PP1515A15G x 15cm16G x 20cm1620
14GPP135613.5G x 6cm14G x 11cm1411
PP1351013.5G x 10cm14G x 15cm1415