Performa® Vessel-Sizing Catheters

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Merit’s Performa® Vessel-Sizing Catheters provide clinicians with an instrument for accurate measurement of a patient’s anatomy and will take the guess work out of electing the appropriate interventional device.

Features & Benefits

Standard Configuration

Platinum marker bands are placed at the distal portion of the catheter to determine accurate vessel sizing.

SH Configuration

Platinum marker bands are positioned closer to the pigtail curve allowing bands to be visualized closer to the vessel

AVS Configuration

Platinum marker bands have side ports placed between bands to allow quick contrast filling of the vessel while visualizing the marker bands.



Marker Bands

  • 2 band option – Spaced 2 cm apart
  • 11 and 20 band options – Eleven bands spaced 1 cm apart for a 10 cm segment. Also available with twenty bands spaced 1 cm apart for a 19 cm segment.

Four Tip Configurations

Available in Pigtail, straight, Modified Hook and ultra Bolus Flush styles.


Discover more about the Performa® Vessel-Sizing Catheters by reviewing the brochures and Instructions for Use.


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