HeRO® Graft Catheter Reduction

Video Still of a Central Venous Pathology Being Treated with HeRO Graft
Dr. Jeffrey H. Lawson details the causes of central venous pathology and how the HeRO Graft provides durable treatment outcomes.

There are many potential advantages to the HeRO Graft in reducing catheter dependency including improved outcomes and cost savings.

HeRO Graft vs. Catheter

HeRO Graft has infection rates, dialysis adequacy rates, and patency rates that are comparable to traditional AV grafts. Catheters do not (see below).

Infection rates comparable to AVG1 HeRO Graft X  
Catheter   X
Dialysis adequacy (Kt/V) comparable to AVG1 HeRO Graft X  
Catheter   X
Patency rates comparable to AVG1 HeRO Graft X  
Catheter   X

Cost Benefits: Hospital

  • 23% average savings per year with the HeRO Graft compared with catheters2
  • Reduces catheter-related infections and hospital admissions3,4
  • Lowers interventions and associated costs by more than 50% compared to catheters1,5

Cost Benefits: Dialysis Center

Cost savings of over $3,100 (per patient/year) to the dialysis center when converting catheter-dependent patients to the HeRO Graft6

Impact of HeRO Graft in the Era of Dialysis Provider Bundling6

HeRO Graft - Hemodialysis Reliable Outflow


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