Madison™ Bone Biopsy System

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Madison Perforating Bone Biopsy System and Drill

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The Madison™ Perforating Bone Biopsy System is a perforating, comprehensive system designed to traverse hard bone and reach deep-set or small cortical abnormalities. It is a popular choice for both axial and appendicular cases.

Features & Benefits

The Madison Bone Biopsy System is a direct access system has the patented hard bone perforating cannula and drilling technology if required to traverse hard bone and reach deep-set or small cortical abnormalities. A range of sizes make this a popular choice for both axial and appendicular cases, and the drill is locked at a set distance whilst drilling to maximise accuracy in cannula placement and sampling precision.

CONTROL & PRECISION while traversing dense bone

PRECISE CANNULA PLACEMENT while drilling to target small cortical lesions

DIRECT access, EASY handling, & EFFICIENT hard bone access



A – Trocar-tip stylet/perforating-tip cannula introducer

B – Exchangeable drill insert

C – Clockwise trephine-tip biopsy needle

D – Ejector pin

Madison Bone Biopsy System Component List


Using a direct approach, the introducer is delivered to the bone surface, rotating counterclockwise to reduce soft-tissue trauma. The introducer is then advanced, twisting alternately clockwise and counterclockwise, into the bone. Once anchored in the bone surface, the trocar-tip stylet may be exchanged for the drill, which locks together with the perforating cannula to traverse hard bone.


Discover more about the Madison System by reviewing the brochures and Instructions for Use.

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KDPD1110Perforating Bone Biopsy System with DrillDouble11G10 cmETOYes1
KDPD1115Perforating Bone Biopsy System with DrillDouble11G15 cmETOYes1
KDPD1165Perforating Bone Biopsy System with DrillDouble11G6.5 cmETOYes1
KDPD1185Perforating Bone Biopsy System with DrillDouble11G8.5 cmETOYes1
KDPD139Perforating Bone Biopsy System with DrillDouble13G9 cmETOYes1