Merit Medical’s Capital Equipment
Warranties Include:

  • All Repairs
  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • All Non-Disposable Parts & Labor
  • All Routine Software & Hardware Updates
  • Customer Use of Free Loaner during Repairs
  • Pre-Paid Shipping for Console Repairs

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Contact Customer Service.

1Product Information
2Customer Information
  • Product Information

  • Select One
    SCOUT Surgical Guidance Console
    SCOUT Radiology Check Console
  • Serial Number is located on the back of the Console
  • Select One
    12 Months
    24 Months


Services in connection with or arising from any of the following, for which Merit Medical shall have the right, in its sole discretion, to declare the Warranty under this Agreement as null and void.

  1. Any intentional or negligent acts or omissions of Customer’s employees or agents.
  2. Attempts to repair, alter, or access the internal components of the Equipment made by persons other than Merit Medical authorized personal, without prior approval of Merit Medical.
  3. Misuse of the Equipment, including, without limitation, use of the Equipment for any application or function for which it was not designed, or use contrary to any Equipment documentation.
  4. Damage to the Equipment from use of operating supplies, consumable parts or cleaning materials, not approved by Merit Medical.
  5. Damage caused by any hardware or software not manufactured and installed by Merit Medical, that is installed on the Equipment.
  6. Damage resulting from the transportation or storage of Equipment by Customer, or other causes within the reasonable control of Customer.
  7. Damage resulting from fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane, or other natural disasters, war, terrorism, strike, lockout or other labor dispute, or failure of the operation of electricity, water, telephones, internet service, or other utilities.