Learn More About Critikit™ Ice/Room Temperature Injectate Systems and Accessories

Closed loop in-line injectate systems for improved accuracy of cardiac output measurement

  • Available in both iced and room temperature injectate options
  • Closed circuit design offers an aseptic approach to cardiac output measurement
  • Set comprises an injectate sensor housing with three-way stopcock, one-way check valve, 10cc syringe, cooling coil, delivery tubing and IV spike

How Critikit™ can benefit you

  • Closed loop system is designed to reduce the risk of line contamination
  • Insulated volume-restricted syringe facilitates precise and reproducible injectate
  • In-line injectate sensor optimises accuracy of temperature readings
  • Syringe design allows smooth injectate action improving data validity

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Catalog NumberTrademarkExpanded Family Name2Expanded Family Name3SterilizationLatex FreeShipping Box Qty
680000Critikit™Critikit™ SP4500CO Ice Temperature SetETOYes4
680002Critikit™Critikit™ SP4572CO Room Temperature SetETOYes5
680006Critikit™SP5045CO In-Line SensorETOYes25
689784Critikit™1Control Syringe 1SP5045Co In-Line SensorETOYes5