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Merit Medical’s PAL™ – Pen and Labels – were designed to streamline and help make labeling medication easier. PAL labels are designed to stick even when wet and can be customised with a variety of colour choices for safety and convenience. The PAL pen is sterile, has a fine point, and is smear resistant.

Ordering Information

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Catalog NumberPreprinted And Blank Label Set1Preprinted And Blank Label Set2Bowl Label SetPAL Pen K13-00476Label Stock ColorLabel MaterialHCPCS CodeGS1GTIN UnitGTIN CartonGTIN Shipper
PAL100Preprinted and Blank LabelsSet of 35PenOpaque BluePolypropyleneNo Applicable Code28251008844502825191088445028251620884450282513
PAL200Preprinted and Blank LabelsSet of 24PenOpaque BluePolypropyleneNo Applicable Code28252008844502825261088445028252320884450282520
PAL225Preprinted and Blank LabelsSet of 24Rectangle Bowl Label Set of 5PenOpaque BluePolypropyleneNo Applicable Code28253008844502825331088445028253020884450282537
PAL250Preprinted and Blank LabelsSet of 24Curved Bowl Label Set of 7PenOpaque BluePolypropyleneNo Applicable Code28254008844502825401088445028254720884450282544
PAL300Preprinted and Blank LabelsSet of 12PenOpaque BluePolypropyleneN/A CODE28255008844502825571088445028255420884450282551
PAL325Preprinted and Blank LabelsSet of 12Rectangle Bowl Label Set of 5PenOpaque BluePolypropyleneN/A CODE28256008844502825641088445028256120884450282568
PAL350Preprinted and Blank LabelsSet of 12Curved Bowl Label Set of 7PenOpaque BluePolypropyleneN/A CODE28257008844502825711088445028257820884450282575
PAL400Blank LabelsSet of 12PenOpaque BluePolypropyleneN/A CODE28258008844502825881088445028258520884450282582
PAL425Blank LabelsSet of 12Rectangle Bowl Label Set of 5PenOpaque BluePolypropyleneN/A CODE28259008844502825951088445028259220884450282599
PAL700Preprinted and Blank LabelsSet of 35Curved Bowl Label Set of 7PenOpaque BluePolypropyleneN/A CODE28263008844502826321088445028263920884450282636
RLS100Preprinted LabelsSet of 5PenOpaque OrangePolypropyleneNo Applicable Code28519008844502851901088445028519720884450285194