The PreludeSYNC DISTAL hemostasis device is designed specifically for distal access that provides effective and comfortable compression for patients.



Hemostasis device designed specifically for distal radial artery access

PreludeSYNC DISTAL - access site
Distal Sync - Styled

Smart and Charming

Combines a unique band configuration with the comfort and efficacy of the Prelude SYNC Radial Compression Device with charming nature scenes.


  • The PreludeSYNC™ DISTAL assists in achieving vascular hemostasis.
  • Access site visibility – Clear, unobstructed site visibility.


  • The PreludeSYNC™ DISTAL is constructed from a soft material that lies against the patient’s skin while providing an outer layer that is easy to clean.
  • The balloon was designed to comfortably achieve patent hemostasis.
PreludeSYNC Distal - close up
PreludeSYNC Distal with extension


Band attachment was designed with a material that provides adjustable, secure placement of the device. Device also includes an extension band if needed.


Two configurations:

  • Right handed device
  • Left handed device

Look at Radial Access in a New Way

Access via the distal radial artery can offer advantages for both the patient and operator. Discover useful resources, advanced training opportunities and new products for evolving your radial technique.

Personalize your PreludeSYNC today!

Personalize the patient’s recovery experience with an exciting variety of random designs right out of the box OR bands can be personalized for your facility

PreludeSYNC Distal - Personalize the Experience

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Catalog NumberProduct FamilyTrademarkSize (Volume)Expanded Family NameHub StyleBand LengthMaximum Inflation VolumeGripUOMPlunger ColorBarrel PrintingSyringe Body MaterialWeb Category
SDRB-REG-LTCompression DevicePreludeSYNC™Distal Radial Compression Device24 cm10 mL5 PK
SDRB-REG-RTCompression DevicePreludeSYNC™Distal Radial Compression Device24 cm10 mL5 PK
SDRB10AC10 mLSlip Male Luer (Adapter)Flat GripPurplePreludeSYNC DISTALGamma Compatible Polycarbonatesyncdistal

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