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Discover the Distal Difference with the PreludeSYNC DISTAL


Distal access brings versatility to interventional procedures as an additional radial access site option that can offer benefits for both the patient and operator. Discover the first radial compression device specially created for the distal radial access site, the PreludeSYNC DISTAL.

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Get to Know the PreludeSYNC DISTAL

Get to Know the PreludeSYNC DISTAL Compression Device - Video
Familiarize yourself with key features and step-by-step use of the PreludeSYNC DISTAL. A hemostasis device designed specifically for distal access, the PreludeSYNC DISTAL provides effective and comfortable compression for patients.

PreludeSYNC DISTAL: Featuring the Slip-N-Lock Adapter [In-Service]

Understand the Benefits of Distal Radial Access and Compression with the PreludeSYNC DISTAL
Get to know the PreludeSYNC DISTAL hemostasis device in this virtual in-service video. Designed specifically for distal access, the PreludeSYNC DISTAL provides effective and comfortable compression for patients.

Features & Benefits

PreludeSYNC DISTAL - Secure, Comfortable and Effective

Unique band configuration is soft, comfortable, and adjustable for larger hands.

Three-strap band stays securely in place and is specially designed for distal radial artery access.


Provides clear, unobstructed site visibility and focused compression.


Slip-n-Lock™ Cap

Slip N Lock Cap for PreludeSYNC DISTAL

  • Specialized connection1 for safety during inflation.
  • Secures syringe during inflation/deflation.
  • If a PreludeSYNC DISTAL syringe is not available, remove the Slip-n-Lock cap2 to allow deflation with a standard luer syringe.

Optional Band Extender

  • Included with the band
  • Allows for comfortable fit for larger hands

* Kiemeneij F et al. 2019. “Keep an Open Mind about Distal Radial Access.” Cath Lab Digest 27, no. 3 (March 5).
1. Patent pending.
2. CAUTION: DO NOT remove the Slip-n-Lock connector while sheath is still in the patient.



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