Prelude IDeal Hydrophilic Sheath Introducer

The Prelude IDeal is a hydrophilic access sheath that is 13% thinner than the competition. Its wall is also stronger, increasing kink resistance by 23%, and increasing compression resistance by 124%.* Available in multiple sheath sizes, lengths, and wire options, the Prelude IDeal gives you more choices to meet your patients’ needs.

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PreludeEASE™ Hydrophilic Sheath Introducer

The PreludeEASE helps you achieve quick and reliable radial access while minimizing the potential for vessel spasm. Hydrophilic coating extends to the tip of the sheath, and excellent transitions offer smooth insertion.

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Performa® Transradial Angiographic Catheters

Navigate to the target vessel with Performa Transradial Angiographic Catheters. Available in select curves and up to 150 cm in length, Performa catheters are designed for your transradial peripheral procedures.

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Performa® Diagnostic Cardiology Catheters

Performa Diagnostic Cardiology Catheters are designed with improved shaft strength and kink resistance, greater stability, increased torque and flow rates, and enhanced handling and control.

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Performa Multipack™ Angiographic Cardiology Catheters

Performa Multipack combines all three typical workhouse catheters in one convenient package. Designed with torque, improved shaft strength, and large inner lumens for increased flow rates, the Performa line can help you reach your goal of excellent imaging in today’s cardiology environment.

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Performa Multipack Plus™ Angiographic Cardiology Catheters

The Multipack Plus combines the Prelude® and PreludePRO™ Sheath Introducers, the InQwire® Diagnostic Guide Wire, and Performa® Diagnostic Cardiology Catheters—all in one pack for easy, one-step prep for your angiographic cardiology procedures.

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InQwire® Diagnostic Guide Wires

The InQwire is precoated with PTFE for smooth, consistent coverage. Its precise J-tip memory does not require reloading the J straightener, and tight guide wire tolerances ensure catheter and sheath compatibility.

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SplashWire™ Hydrophilic Steerable Guide Wire

The Merit SplashWire combines optimum lubricity, exceptional torque response, and enhanced visibility, helping you achieve the successful outcomes you expect, even in the most complex cases.

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SeaDragon2™ Torque Device

Operable with one hand, this ergonomic torque device is designed to enhance your manipulation of the guide wire tip. Simply squeeze and release.

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Merit® Torque Device

Minimize blood loss and optimize control of your interventional devices with the Merit Torque Device.

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ASAP® & ASAPLP™ Aspiration Catheters

The ASAP and ASAPLP are rapid exchange aspiration catheters designed to remove clots safely, quickly, and effectively. Available in kits to provide the quality products you need to deliver powerful clot aspiration, restoring and improving blood flow in thrombosed vessels.

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The FLO40XR offers you a shorter body, extension tubing as an additional feature, and is rated up to 400 psi.

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PhD™ Hemostasis Valve

The PhD Hemostasis Valve simplifies procedures with an easy one-handed, push-and-release mechanism, freeing your other hand to deliver interventional equipment. Dual-seal technology provides easy bleedback control, minimizing patient blood loss.

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DiamondTOUCH Digital Inflation Device

The DiamondTOUCH offers you the visibility and accuracy of a digital device with the convenience of an ergonomic one-handed prep handle.

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BasixCOMPAK™ Inflation Device

With more than 10 million devices used worldwide, your busy interventional lab can rely on the basixCOMPAK for your procedures. The basixCOMPAK offers 30-ATM pressure and 20-mL volume and can be packaged with a wide variety of angioplasty kits and procedure packs.

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BasixTOUCH™ Inflation Device

The 35-ATM/30-mL BasixTOUCH Inflation Device has an ergonomic handle that enables one-handed preparation and priming and provides you with rapid inflation and deflation.

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Blue Diamond™ Digital Inflation Device

The Blue Diamond offers you the accuracy of a digital device with the simplicity of analog systems. One-button functionality provides ease of use, and a high-resolution display facilitates visualization from multiple angles.

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SwiftNINJA® Steerable Microcatheter

The SwiftNINJA is the most advanced and first 180° articulating coronary and peripheral vascular microcatheter on the market today. One-handed operation and 3D steering help you navigate the most challenging vascular anatomy.

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PreludeSYNC EZ™ Radial Compression Device

Be confident in your radial interventions with the PreludeSYNC EZ, an advanced solution for achieving patent hemostasis. The PreludeSYNC EZ simplifies application for you and your staff without sacrificing patient comfort.

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PreludeSYNC EVO™ Radial Compression Device

The PreludeSYNC EVO is designed to assist you in gaining and maintaining hemostasis of the radial and ulnar arteries following catheterization procedures. It offers multiple key features, including a clear window area for site visibility and a Slip-n-Lock™ cap to secure the syringe during inflation/deflation.

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The PreludeSYNC DISTAL is designed specifically for distal access and provides effective and comfortable compression for your patients. It combines a unique band configuration with the comfort and efficacy of the PreludeSYNC Radial Compression Device.

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Rad Board® 2 Radial Arm Board & Rad Board Accessories

Find support for your radial access procedures with the Rad Board 2 and Rad Board Accessories. Rad Boards are reusable, fit all cath lab and radiology procedure tables, are reversible for right- or left-side access, and offer radiation scatter protection.

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Radial Drapes

Radial Drapes are a stand-alone product that offer you convenience in clinical settings where a fenestrated drape outside of the procedure pack is necessary or desired.

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Merit Advance® Angiography Needles

Advance Needles were engineered to provide you with smooth guide wire insertion and removal of the needle over the wire. They offer a unique hub design with ergonomic feel and reference point to help you orient the bevel. Increased sharpness facilitates entry into tissue and vessel walls.

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Think Radial®

Loading...Think Radial Transradial Intervention Merit Physician Course

Interested in radial training? Our Think Radial program is designed to offer you valuable hands-on training, with taped or live cases, and engaging didactic presentations given by some of the world’s most-respected radial faculty.

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Your Partner in Distal Radial Access


Access via the distal radial artery offers advantages for both you and your patients. Merit Medical provides advanced training on this technique as well as the first-to-market PreludeSYNC DISTAL™ radial compression device.

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On-Demand Education


Merit Medical offers physician education in many formats – virtual video conferences, in-person classes, on-demand webinars, as well as courses designed around continuing education credits.

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“Aside from the benefits of earlier ambulation and fewer complications, transradial access procedures are preferred by patients.”

– Darren Klass, MD, PhD, Interventional Radiologist,
Vancouver Coastal Health, Vancouver, Canada

“The main reason I wanted to get started with the radial approach is the easy recovery and patient comfort. The patient can literally get off from the angio table and immediately start ambulating.”

– Christoph Binkert, MD, MBA, Interventional Radiologist,
Winterthur, Switzerland

“I tell my colleagues that the radial approach will change their practices, affect their bottom lines, and is significantly better for patients. I have had a number of patients thank me because their procedures were simpler and less complicated.”

– Michael Neuwirth, MD, Interventional Radiologist,
Heart and Vascular Radiology-Carle, Urbana, Illinois, USA

Before using any of the products mentioned, refer to Instructions for Use for indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and directions for use. These products may not be approved, cleared or available for sale or use in your country or region. Please contact your local Sales Representative for more information.

1. Casazza R. 2020. “Benefits of Radial Access: Decreased Length of Stay, Reduction of Costs, and Improved Patient and Staff Satisfaction. The Trifecta of Hospital Metrics.” CathLab Digest 28, no 10 (Oct 5).
* 6F Data on File. Merit assumes no responsibility to update the test data.