Cardiac Catheterization

Our cardiac catheterization solutions provide you with a variety of tools to help you accurately diagnose and successfully treat patients with heart problems. From sheath introducers and guide wires to catheters, inflation devices, and more, learn about the superior devices we offer for your cardiac cath lab procedures.

Sheath Introducers

Our comprehensive line of Prelude® Sheath Introducers offer you the latest technologies, including the acclaimed Prelude IDeal™, a thin-walled hydrophilic radial access sheath that’s 13% thinner than the competition, 23% more kink resistant, and 124% compression resistant. Discover what Prelude products can do for your radial, femoral, and pedal access procedures.

Sheath Introducers

InQwire® Diagnostic Guide Wires

InQwire Diagnostic Guide Wires Increase trackability, lubricity, and durability with the InQwire, a diagnostic guide wire with innovative PTFE precoating over then entire wire surface. Its precise J-tip memory doesn’t require reloading the J straightener, and the tight guide wire tolerances ensure catheter and sheath compatibility.

InQwire Diagnostic Guide Wires

Diagnostic Cardiology Catheters

Sleek and simple, our proprietary vein closure syringe is designed to help streamline your procedure tasks and control delivery of tumescent—with less hand fatigue. Learn how.

Performa Diagnostic Cardiology Catheters

Fluid Administration Systems

Adequate fluid administration is necessary for patients to receive the medications and fluids they need. Our fluid management products are designed to effectively meet your specific pressure requirements and manage patient fluid levels. Explore our High-Pressure Tubing.

TRAM Manifold with Integral Transducer

Inflation Devices and Hemostasis Valves

Our inflation device solutions offer you a wide range of options for inflation, deflation, and measurement of balloons and stents, including analog and digital devices with low- and high-pressure capacity. Pair them with Merit hemostasis valves for a product combination designed to address your clinical needs.

Inflation Devices and Hemostasis Valves

ASAP® & ASAPLP™ Aspiration Catheters

Achieve effective and quick aspiration with ASAP and ASAPLP Aspiration Catheter Kits, designed to add convenience and time-saving accessibility to your interventional cardiology and radiology procedures.

Guiding Catheters

Facilitate the advancement and withdrawal of interventional devices with ConcierGE®, our guiding catheter with approximately 30% more kink resistance than leading brands.* Learn more about the ConcierGE’s superior performance in additional features you value most, including backup support, atraumatic tip, and true 1:1 torque.

* Test results are based on 6F guide catheter comparison. Data on file.

ConcierGE® Guiding Catheters

Procedural Trays, Packs & Kits

Our Procedural Trays, Packs & Kits are designed to meet your unique needs while providing everything you require to perform the procedures you do most. Discover how our products offer solutions to overcome your toughest clinical challenges.