Valved One-Step™ Centesis Catheters

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Feature & Benefits

The catheter’s low profile, tapered tip, and smooth transitions decrease resistance for less patient discomfort. Its echo-enhanced needle allows for more accurate placement. Four large drainage holes spiral around the catheter for maximum drainage.

Up to 34% LESS catheter tip penetration force and up to 16% FASTER flow rate. Safe, controlled insertion with decreased procedure times.

The valved One-Step centesis catheter is designed with an integrated self-sealing valve to minimize the risk of air entering the pleural space.

Pigtail Shape

Reduces drainage hole occlusion

Distal Obturator

Prevents catheter puncture and shearing and accidental needlestick

Large Holes

Increase flow rates to decrease procedure times

Depth Markers

Depth markers and echo-enhanced needle for fast and accurate positioning

Self-closing Valve

Prevents air infiltration and fluid leakage

Kink-resistant material

Keeps catheter open to help maximize drainage

Sharp Needle

Sharp needle and smooth transitions for ease of insertion and decreased patient discomfort



Discover more about the Valved One-Step™ Centesis Catheters by reviewing the brochures and Instructions for Use.


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