GO2WIRE™ Steerable Guide Wire System

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Feature & Benefits

Tip Configurations for Complex Procedural Challenges

GO2 Wire - Floppy Straight Tip Configuration - Merit Medical

A highly flexible tip designed for atraumatic navigation of the vasculature.


GO2 Wire - Intermediate J Tip Configuration - Merit Medical

A combination of support and flexibility engineered to cross difficult lesions.


GO2 Wire - Standard Straight Tip Configuration - Merit Medical

A high-support wire built for increased catheter reinforcement and trackability when accessing complex anatomy.

Multiple tip configurations for complex procedures - GO2 Steerable Guide Wire - Merit Medical

Proven to Deliver Better Torque Response

40% TORQUE RESPONSE IMPROVEMENT over the leading competitor


Straight Linear Torque Steel Core Wire technology ensures the GO2WIRE delivers exceptional tip response with enhanced torqueability and superior directional control with every turn.

*Test data on file.

Superior Coating

Superior Coating - Improved Trackability and Reduces Friction - GO2 Wire - Merit Medical

Merit’s proprietary PTFE pre-coating reduces friction, enhances navigation, and improves trackability.

Optimal Wire Stiffness Profiles

Maximize Navigation and Delivery of Interventional Devices - 3 Stiffness Profiles - GO2 Steerable Guide Wire

Maximize navigation and delivery of interventional devices with three levels of wire stiffness profiles.

More Possibilities

Exclusive Configurations Allow You to Reach Your Target In the Most Challenging Cases - GO2 Steerable Guide Wire - Merit Medical

Merit-exclusive 210 cm length configuration designed specifically for radial access procedures.

Available in 145 cm to 300 cm lengths as well as exclusive non-extendable options, the GO2WIRE helps you confidently reach your target in the most challenging vasculature via femoral or radial access.

Procedural Opportunities

Procedural Opportunities Offer Enhanced Navigation or Exchanges - GO2 Steerable Guide Wire - Merit Medical




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