Elation Pulmonary Balloon Dilator

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Feature & Benefits

Coupled with Merit’s BIG60™ inflation device, our wide array of Elation balloon dilators help alleviate common issues associated with balloon dilation. Our tapered, atraumatic tip facilitates balloon placement in tight strictures while minimizing perforation risk.

NEW! Unique Size – 4 mm x 1.5 cm

NEW! Unique Size - 4 mm x 1.5 cm

Robust catheter design, with unique sizes (NEW – 4-5-6 mm x 1.5 cm) and exceptional clarity

3-Stage Proprietary Balloon

3-Stage Proprietary Balloon

The three-stage proprietary balloon provides exceptional endoscopic visibility during dilations.

Securement Clip

Securement Clip

Catheter securement clip allows for control of the catheter when not in use.

Marker Bands

Marker Bands

Marker bands indicate when the balloon dilator is ready to exit the scope and allow for an additional method for stricture measurement.

Broad Range of Length & Diameters

Available in a broad range of balloon lengths and diameters to better meet clinical needs.

Designed for Multiple Inflations & Deflations

Designed for multiple balloon inflation and deflations throughout the patient procedure, offering clinical and cost advantages.

Multiple Passes with 2.8mm Working Channel

Proprietary catheter and balloon design allows for multiple passes through the 2.8mm working channel of a therapeutic bronchoscope.

100cm Catheter Length

Provides working space between the physician and procedural assistant without compromising performance.

Precise Dilation

Elation’s unique 2cm balloon length allows precise dilation needed for more distal and complex anatomy.




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Please note:
• All Elation Pulmonary Balloon Dilator balloons are sterile and latex free.