BioFlo DuraMax® Catheter

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Cut out of the BioFlo Duramax catheter showing the extraluminal surface, and the intraluminal surfaceThe BioFlo DuraMax Catheter provides long term access to the peripheral venous system for hemodialysis sessions.

The BioFlo DuraMax Catheter features Endexo Technology which is present throughout the entire blood pathway including the intraluminal and extraluminal surfaces of the catheter.


BioFlo DuraMax Catheter with Endexo Technology


Compared to Palindrome H Chronic Dialysis Catheter
(based on platelet count)†

BioFlo DuraMax Catheter has minimal visible thrombus, fibrin sheath, or clot:

Image showing the BioFlo DuraMax catheter without visible thrombus or clots


Image of BioFlo Duramax catheter under SEM imaging at 10x magnification
SEM Image (Scanning Electron Microscopy) of
BioFlo DuraMax Dialysis Catheter with Endexo Technology at 10x magnification



Palindrome™ H Chronic Dialysis Catheter with visible clots:

Image showing the Palindrome H Catheter with visible thrombus & clots


Image of Palindrome H catheter under SEM imaging at 10x magnification
SEM Image (Scanning Electron Microscopy) of
Palindrome H Chronic Dialysis Catheter at 10x Magnification


Image of the BioFlo Duramax catheter, showing the various features of the catheter

Clear extension tubes

for early visualization of blood return.

Thermoplastic polyurethane luers

combine toughness, dimensional stability, and chemical resistance.

15.5F BioFlo DuraMax Catheter

facilitates high flow rates at modest arterial pressures. Proprietary lumen, kink-resistant design.

Curved Tip catheter technology

reduces vein wall apposition and risk of arterial insufficiency. 3 cm tip stagger reduces recirculation rates.

Patented angled venous tip and guidewire lumen design

positions guidewire in the center of the leading edge of distal tip and provides over-the-wire performance and ease of insertion.


BioFlo DuraMax Catheter


Compared to Palindrome Chronic Dialysis Catheter


Advanced features, such as large lumen diameters and thrombus reduction Endexo technology allow the BioFlo DuraMax Catheter to deliver high flow rates at modest pressures.

Average Pressure vs Flow Rates*

Table showing flow rates by catheter length

† The reduction in thrombus accumulation (based on platelet count) is supported by acute in-vitro benchtop testing performed up to two hours using bovine blood. Pre-clinical in-vitro evaluations do not necessarily predict clinical performance with respect to thrombus formation. Data on file.
* Data on file.
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