StayFIX® Fixation Device

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The StayFIX® fixation device for percutaneous non-vascular catheters is a cost-effective, time-saving, needleless catheter securement device. It is specifically designed to stop migration, movement and accidental removal of the catheter.

Features & Benefits


Noninvasive StayFIX means no painful sutures and no exposure to sharps or sharps-related injury.


Medical grade adhesive secures devices to patients for up to 7 days.


Patients can apply and remove the StayFIX by themselves.


Hydrocolloid material reduces skin irritation by absorbing fluid leaking from the insertion site.


Soft material conforms to the body and reduces catheter movement.

Water Resistant

Patients can shower without covering up the StayFIX or insertion site.


Discover more about the StayFIX® Fixation Device by reviewing the brochures and Instructions for Use.

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