Features & Benefits

The Slip-Not® suture retention device helps manage bleeding after an AV fistula intervention by utilizing a novel method to secure your purse-string suture. Suture tension adjustments are achieved at the push of a button. The Slip-Not provides clear visibility of the access site and enhanced patient comfort.

Ordering Information

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Catalog NumberTrademarkExpanded Family NameRecommended Suture SizeLogo (File)HCPCS CodeGS1GTIN UnitGTIN CartonGTIN Shipper
SRD100Slip-Not®Slip-Not® Suture RetentionSuture size up to USP #0SlipNotLogoNo Applicable Code01457008844500145781088445001457520884450014572
SRD200Slip-Not®Slip-Not® Suture RetentionSuture size up to USP #0SlipNotLogo01458008844500145851088445001458220884450014589