The Slip-Not® suture retention device helps manage bleeding after an AV fistula intervention by utilizing a novel method to secure your purse-string suture. Suture tension adjustments are achieved at the push of a button. The Slip-Not provides clear visibility of the access site and enhanced patient comfort.

A unique and effective method to secure a purse-string suture following fistula intervention. Suture tension adjustments at the push of a button. Clear visibility of exit site. Enhanced patient comfort. Easy suture removal.

1. Place purse-string suture around the sheath; feed free ends of the suture through the snare loop of the device.
2. Depress the white button; pull the green tab to thread the free ends of the suture through the device. Discard green pull tab.
3. Depress the white button and slide the SLIP-NOT forward to produce tension. Release the white button to secure the suture within the device.