StabiliT® VP Vertebroplasty System

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Features & Benefits

The StabiliT VP Vertebroplasty System combines Merit’s patented simple cement preparation with the controlled delivery of high-viscosity cement.

Simple Cement Preparation

StabiliT cement preparation
  • No blending, shaking, squeezing, or stirring
  • Mixing cartridge used for delivery; no need to transfer cement

Superior Cement Viscosity & Working Time

StabiliT vertebroplasty system full product image
  • Up to 2x viscosity of standard PMMA cements*; designed for consistent filling and interdigitation
  • Extended working time >30 minutes for procedural flexibility*
  • Barium sulfate radiopacifier for excellent visibility

Controlled Delivery

StabiliT provides precise delivery and stoppage with it's ergonomic handle
  • Precise cement delivery and stoppage for predictable results

* Tests performed and data on file at Merit Medical Systems, Inc.



Discover more about the StabiliT VP Vertebroplasty System by reviewing the brochures and Instructions for Use.

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0860AE CableGammaYes1
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1401ER² Saturate Mixing SystemGammaYes1
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1426Locking Delivery CannulaGammaYes1
1545VertecoR® StraightLine OsteotomeGammaYes1
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1866ER² Saturate Mixing SystemGammaYes1
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3610-AMultiPlex II ControllerWith Cont. Europe Power CordNSYes1
DF-5000AMaster Syringe AssemblyGammaYes1
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