Osseoflex® SB Steerable and Straight Balloons

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Feature & Benefits

The Osseoflex® SB family of inflatable bone tamps for vertebral augmentation includes both steerable and straight balloons. The Osseoflex SB steerable balloon enables access to the entire vertebral body with unprecedented navigation and precision. The Osseoflex SB product line accommodates treatment of compression fractures of vertebra and can be used in either straight or steerable configurations. The steerable and straight balloons are 10 gauge compatible and available in 2ml and 4ml balloon sizes.

Utilizing either a unipedicular or bipedicular approach, the Osseoflex SB creates a cavity by compacting cancellous bone for the treatment of vertebral compression fractures (VCFs).

  • Radiopaque markers indicate the proximal and distal end of the balloon for accurate positioning prior to inflation*
  • Distal marker band on the shaft indicates when the balloon tip is flush with the end of the cannula*
  • Proximal shaft marker band indicates when the balloon is completely inserted and has cleared the cannula*

*When used with the Osseoflex® Access vertebral introduction system.

Osseoflex SB Steerable Balloons

The Osseoflex SB Steerable Balloon enables access to the entire vertebral body with unprecedented steerability and navigation by creating a central cavity across the sagittal midline using a unipedicular approach. The SB steerable balloon articulates to follow the channel created by the PowerCurve® Navigating Osteotome or the Osseoflex® SN Steerable Needle for a controlled and precise cavity creation.



Discover more about the Ossoeflex® Steerable SB and Straight Balloons by reviewing the brochures and Instructions for Use.


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