The first and only 5-stage esophageal dilation balloon. Elation5 adds value by expanding the treatment range with a single balloon while maintaining all the premium qualities found in our legacy Elation balloon design

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5-stage balloon reduces frequency of needing a second balloon

  • Proprietary balloon and catheter designs are designed for a rapid and complete deflation resulting in an easy removal from the scope.
  • Low re-insertion force allows for multiple passes through the working channel of the scope.
  • High clarity material provides optimal visualization without cone distortion.
  • Radiopaque marker bands positioned at the balloon shoulders for precise dilation location.
  • Simple securement clip allows for easy containment of the catheter when not in use.
Catalog NumberSpecifications (Packaged 1 unit)
 Inflated O.D. (mm)
Balloon Length (cm)Inflation Pressure (ATM)Min. Working Channel (mm)Catheter Size (F)Working Length (cm)
EX65-6-7-8-986 – 8.5 – 102.87.5F180
EX87-8-9-10-1184 – 6 – 82.87.5F180
EX109-10-11-12-1384.5 – 6.5 – 82.87.5F180
EX1211-12-13.5-15-1684 – 6.5 – 82.87.5F180
EX1514-15-16.5-18-1984 – 5.5 – 72.87.5F180
EX1817-18-19-20-2183.5 – 5 – 62.87.5F180