Elation® 3-Stage Wireguided Dilation Balloon

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Feature & Benefits

Complete Deflation & Easy Removal

Proprietary balloon and catheter designs result in a rapid, complete deflation and easy removal from the scope and includes an ultra stiff guidewire.

Radiopaque Marker Bands

Radiopaque marker bands positioned at the balloon shoulders for precise dilation location

High Clarity Material

High clarity material provides an optimal optical clarity without cone distortion

Low Reinsertion Force

Low re-insertion force allows the balloon to pass through the working channel of the scope more than one time

Easy Containment

Simple locking clip allows for easy containment of the catheter when not in use

Printed Marker Bands

Printed marker bands on the catheter provides a means in which to measure the length of the stricture



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Please note:
• All Elation 3-Stage Wireguided Dilation Balloons are sterile and latex free.