Features & Benefits

The StabiliT® VP Vertebroplasty System combines Merit’s patented simple cement preparation with the controlled delivery of high-viscosity cement.



Simple cement preparation

  • No blending, shaking, squeezing, or stirring
  • Mixing cartridge used for delivery; no need to transfer cement



Superior cement viscosity and working time

  • Up to 2X viscosity of standard PMMA cements*; designed for consistent filling and interdigitation
  • Extended working time >30 minutes for procedural flexibility*
  • Barium sulfate radiopacifier for excellent visibility



Controlled delivery

  • Precise cement delivery and stoppage for predictable results

* Tests performed and data on file at Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

Indications for Use

The StabiliT® Vertebral Augmentation System is intended for percutaneous delivery of StabiliT® ER2 Bone Cement. The StabiliT® ER2 Bone Cement is indicated for the treatment of pathological fractures of the vertebrae using a vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty procedure. Painful vertebral compression fractures may result from osteoporosis, benign lesions (hemangioma), and malignant lesions (metastatic cancers, myeloma).

Risks and Contraindications

As with most surgical procedures, there are risks associated with the StabiliT® procedure, including serious complications. For complete information regarding risks, contraindications, warnings, and precautions, please review the systems’ Instruction for Use. For complete information regarding System related adverse events please see Instructions for Use.

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