Catalog NumberProduct DescriptionExpanded Family NameExpanded Family Name1Delivery TypeExpanded Family Name2GaugeNeedle Length (cm)Cable LengthNeedle Length (in)Reflector Length (cm)LengthReflector Length (in)SterilizationLatex FreeSheath SizeShipping Box QtyGS1GTIN UnitGTIN CartonGTIN Shipper
CHK-01Check Console2.5NSYes1
CHKHP-01Handpiece8' (2.44 m)NSYes1
HPSU-01Single-Use Handpiece8' (2.44 m)ETOYes1
PC1515 Foot Power Cord
PC20Power Cord20ftNSYes1
SCRT-01Console and Accessory CartNSYes1
SG-01Guide8' (2.44 m)NSYes1
SG-02Access Guide8' (2.44 m)NSYes1
SH-01Guide SheathETOYes8.3 cm tapered to 3.2 cm x 264 cm20
SSCSYS-01SCOUT Console (includes one Surgical Guide)
SSR05-01Reflector and Delivery SystemStandard16G5.0 cm2"1.2 cm1/2"ETOYes5
SSR10-01Reflector and Delivery SystemStandard16G10.0 cm4"1.2 cm1/2"ETOYes5
SSR13B-01Reflector and Delivery SystemEnd Deploy15G12.3 cm5"1.2 cm1/2"ETOYes5
SSR75-01Reflector and Delivery SystemStandard16G7.5 cm3"1.2 cm1/2"ETOYes5
SSR75S-01Reflector and Delivery SystemSingle Hand16G7.5 cm3"1.2 cm1/2"ETOYes5
SSR75SM-01MINI Reflector and Delivery SystemSingle Hand16G7.5 cm3"0.8 cm0.31"ETOYes5