Pre-op CT Axial

Pre-op CT axial image of L5 vertebra with a destructive, posterior vertebral body lesion. Pre-op CT images used to plan access, size, and shape of desired ablation zone. Two adjacent ablations were planned to ensure coverage of the entire lesion.

Instrument Placement

Transpedicular intra-op navigation of SpineSTAR® instrument performed under flouroscopic guidance to position across midline in the posterior aspect of the L5 vertebra for first of two ablations.


Two ablations were performed during which the SpineSTAR was articulated to adjacent areas. Patient reported post procedure pain relief. No complications or thermal injury occurred.

One Month Post Procedure

One month post procedure: MRI demonstrates clearly demarcated ablation zones in L5. The periphery of the ablation zones are again identified by the reactive zone at the periphery of the two overlapping zones. The combination of targeted ablation zone and navigation permits larger areas to be treated.

One Month Post Procedure

Contrast MRI confirms distinct ablation zone / necrosis of lesion with minimal enhancement posteriorly in L5.