Pre-op CT Axial

Pre-op CT axial image of L4 with a destructive, posterior vertebral body lesion. Pre-op CT images used to plan access, size, and shape of desired ablation zone.

Instrument Placement

The Working Cannula of the coaxial STAR™ System was docked at anterior aspect of right pedicle. Articulation of the SpineSTAR instrument allows navigation to center of the metastatic lesion in posterior aspect of vertebra. The SpineSTAR®’s insulator, identified as the radiolucent region area near distal end of the instrument, represents center of ablation zone.


Ablation was performed at power level 1 (5W) until the distal thermocouple registered 50ºC, representing the predetermined desired ablation zone of ~20 mm long by ~14 mm wide. Total ablation time was 2:30 minutes. Patient reported post procedure pain relief. No complications or thermal injury occurred.

One Month Post Procedure

MRI images demonstrated the lesion was included within a discrete ablation zone.

One Month Post Procedure

MRI images demonstrated the shape of ablation zone consistent with the expected 3:2 length/width aspect ratio. Temperature displayed on MetaSTAR® Generator during ablation permitted real-time monitoring of ablation zone size based location of the SpineSTAR thermacouples in the vertebral body.

One Month Post Procedure

Post-contrast T1 images demonstrating ablation zone (thin arrows) and necrosis of lesion with minimal enhancement posteriorly.