prime manufacturing location

Prime Manufacturing Location
Tijuana’s geographical position allows for speedy import of raw materials and efficient export of finished products. Recognized as the medical device manufacturing capital of North America, it’s home to numerous industrial parks and maquiladora companies.

award winning cafeteria service

Award-Winning Cafeteria Service
Merit Tijuana has a cafeteria service that offers employees a 100% subsidized lunch. The Merit Tijuana cafeteria has been awarded the Distintivo “H”—the highest award in Mexico’s culinary industry.


Diverse Cultural Scene
For the food enthusiasts, Tijuana offers countless new and hip restaurants. Culture and history buffs can explore its various museums and an emerging contemporary art scene.


Safe Transportation System
Safe and convenient transportation is provided to all Merit Tijuana employees for both shifts, a free service that includes six routes covering more than 16 neighborhoods in the city.


International Certifications
Dedication and hard work have earned Merit internationally recognized certifications, such as ISO 13485, CTPAT, and BSI. In 2019, Merit Medical Tijuana was the recipient of the internationally recognized Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence.


Professional Development Opportunities
Merit Tijuana offers individual development plans that provide employees with the tailored skills they need to expand their place in the company and learning opportunities through in-school certificate programs.