This ideal Merit location is situated 10 miles south of Richmond, the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia. With a recent expansion in 2018, the Merit Richmond campus combines all the advantages of innovation with the benefits of being located adjacent to one of the most historic cities within the US.

Locals can get a front-row seat by biking down the Virginia Capital Trail that connects Jamestown and Richmond or whitewater rafting down the James River. Outside of nature, Richmond is full of unique shopping opportunities and museums, such as the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Eco-friendly living is made easy with farmers markets and Virginia Green certified restaurants.

The largest distribution center for Merit globally, Merit Richmond is a prime example of what it means to understand, innovate, and deliver a business environment that prides itself on quality, efficiency, and employee satisfaction.


Convenient Location
Merit Richmond is conveniently located close to one of the nation’s largest seaports in Norfolk, VA, giving it access to 2000 different raw materials the facility utilizes on a regular basis.

Manufacturing Efficiency
More than 2,500 custom procedural tray configurations encompassing over 35 million individual components are manufactured each year.

Historical City
Richmond is home to notable sites, such as hundred-year-old mansions and a center dedicated to Civil War history, all with unique stories. It’s also where you’ll find contemporary art galleries, boutiques, and a wide range of restaurants.

State-of-the-Art Warehouse
As of 2018, the Richmond facility expanded to include a completely renovated 80,000 sq. ft. office and warehouse space with sophisticated, state-of-the-art management technology.

Urban Whitewater Rafting
For Merit employees who love adventure, whitewater rafting down the 348-mile-long James River is a way for city dwellers to enjoy a bit of local nature.

Employee Satisfaction
Merit Richmond employs 170 individuals and offers various benefits, such as half-day Fridays for all production workers. Such perks have translated into high employee satisfaction with a less than 1% turnover rate.