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To meet the challenges of cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT), you need advanced LV leads and LV delivery systems that match the tortuosity of your patient’s anatomy. The Worley Lateral Vein Introducer (LVI) system is designed to offer you the flexibility you need for reliable and accurate placement of LV leads to their target location.

Product Features Worley LV Introducer 2

  • Soft radiopaque tip minimizes risk of vessel wall trauma and improves fluoroscopic visualization
  • Proximal and distal curves enhance sub-selective access to angulated lateral vein branches
  • 5F OD target vein selector for improved target vein selection and guide wire replacement
  • 7F ID LVI provides ample room to perform various advanced CRT implantation techniques
  • Multidurometer proximal curve construction delivers improved tip directivity
  • Braided sheath construction supports better torque control and stability. Sliceable sheath for easy removal
  • Side port allows open access infusion and contrast injection during implantation
  • Integrated break-away hemostatic hub and handle designed to protect against blood loss and air embolism. Hub requires no cutting. Secure hub grip reduces the risk of lead dislodgement during removal

Advanced Efficient & Successful LV Lead ImplantationWorley 4 curves

When used together with the Worley Advanced CSG and Worley Vein Selector, the Worley Advanced LVI provides the tools and solutions needed to reduce implantation times, gain easier access to the target vessel, and improve chances for successful CRT implantation.1

Integrated Valve and Hub Design

Breakaway valve provides direct access for the slider to engage the braded sheath

Oversized grip reduced risk of lead movement

Easy-to-use slicer mates to the CSG hub for improved stability during sheath removal

Worley LV 3

Ordering Information

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Catalog NumberTrademarkCurve DesignFrench Size (F)Sheath Length (cm)Sheath Inner Diameter (ID) (F)GS1GTIN UnitGTIN CartonGTIN Shipper
WORLVI-75-5-62-07-HOWorley™ Adv. LVIHook7F62 cm7F16981008844501698101088445016981720884450169814
WORLVI-75-5-62-07-HSWorley™ Adv. LVIHockey stick7F62 cm7F16980008844501698031088445016980020884450169807
WORLVI-75-5-62-07-MPWorley™ Adv. LVIMulti-purpose7F62 cm7F16982008844501698271088445016982420884450169821
WORLVI-75-5-62-07-REWorley™ Adv. LVIRenal7F62 cm7F16979008844501697971088445016979420884450169791
WORLVI-75-5-62-55-HOWorley™ Adv. LVIHook5.5F62 cm5.5F28458008844502845821088445028458920884450284586
WORLVI-75-5-62-55-HSWorley™ Adv. LVIHockey stick5.5F62 cm5.5F28463008844502846361088445028463320884450284630
WORLVI-75-5-62-55-MPWorley™ Adv. LVIMulti-purpose5.5F62 cm5.5F28464008844502846431088445028464020884450284647
WORLVI-75-5-62-55-REWorley™ Adv. LVIRenal5.5F62 cm5.5F28465008844502846501088445028465720884450284654