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Careflow is a central venous catheter designed for catheterization via the Seldinger technique.

  • Range of sets contains a Nitinol guidewire and the Venaguide™ Seldinger wire-advancing device to facilitate single-handed guidewire insertion.
  • Tapered atraumatic catheter tip designed to reduce the risk of venous damage while improving catheter insertion.
  • The streamlined junction hub enables ease of catheter suture and comfortable positioning on the patient’s skin.
  • Careflow catheters offer 1cm and 5cm interval depth markings to facilitate catheter placement.
  • Available with Floswitch® and Floswitch® Introducer Catheters.
  • Pressure rated with a maximum pressure tolerance of 45 psi.

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Catalog NumberTrademarkExpanded Family Name1Expanded Family Name2French Size (F)LengthLumensNeedle Introducer GaugeNeedle LengthGuide Wire OD and LengthDistal Flow Rate (m L/min)SterilizationLatex FreeShipping Box Qty
681646Careflow™Arterial CatheterRadial Artery Catheter Kit Seldinger Technique3F60 mm1 Lumen22G40 mm0.5 mm x 250 mm24 mL/minETOYes10
681699Careflow™CVCCentral Venous Catheter Kit Seldinger Technique7F200 mm1 Lumen17G70 mm0.9 mm x 700 mm149 mL/minETOYes5
681703Careflow™CVCCentral Venous Catheter Kit Seldinger Technique7F150 mm2 Lumens17G70 mm0.9 mm x 450 mm74 mL/minETOYes5
681725Careflow™CVCCentral Venous Catheter Kit Seldinger Technique7F200 mm3 Lumens17G70 mm0.9 mm x 700 mm59 mL/minETOYes5