Our Commitment:

    Reducing the Burden of Breast Cancer on Patients and Their Loved Ones

    Merit Medical is committed to women’s health and reducing the burden that breast cancer places on women and their families. To further demonstrate this commitment, we are partnering with Breastcancer.org.

    $1,000 for each SCOUT console purchased worldwide during the months of September and October 2019 will be donated to their organization.

    Breastcancer.org is dedicated to helping women make sense of the complex medical information about breast cancer, so they can make the best decisions for their lives. Like Merit, breast cancer.org is committed to the mission of reducing the burden of breast cancer.

    October is an exciting time for SCOUT®: we are rapidly approaching our milestone of 100,000 women having experienced a wire-free localization. Our promise is to continue to listen to our customers and bring new innovations to wire-free localization.

    Wire-Free Localizations with SCOUT® Radar Localization*.


    Number of Wire-Free Localizations in August


    Projected by End of September


    Projected by End of October


    Projected by End of November

    *estimate based on Merit Medical data on file
    SCOUT Radar Localization System

    Precise. Proven. Trusted.

    SCOUT Radar Localization System

    • Performance that exclusively spans the breast cancer continuum
    • Currently used in XXX hospitals across the US
    • 5% reliable ( or what is approved)
    • Award winning
    • XXX Clinical publications