New Products

Ongoing improvement fuels our innovation, enabling us to meet emerging clinical needs that transform patient care. Explore Merit’s newest products and devices.

Launched May 2021

One-Vac Evacuated Drainage Bottle

Engineered with an advanced design, the One-Vac is the smart option when choosing an evacuated drainage bottle. Built with a number of key features, the One-Vac makes percutaneous fluid collection and discard simple, efficient, and safe.

One-Vac Evacuated Drainage Bottle - The Smart Option for Fluid Collection

Launched March 2021

SplashWire Hydrophilic Steerable Guide Wire

A decade – the time it took to build a superior guide wire and to rival competing greatness. The Merit SplashWire combines optimum lubricity, exceptional torque response, and enhanced visibility, helping you achieve the successful outcomes you expect, even in the most complex cases.


Launched February 2021


After numerous observations concerning limited space in the OR for SCOUT console placement, we designed a solution. When placed on the base plate of the cart, the SCOUT console is held securely and is at the optimal height for better visualization of the localization readout. Free moving caster wheels, with a locking feature, provide both stability and mobility. This added console mobility allows for the positioning preference of each surgeon to easily be accommodated during surgery.

SCOUT Cart - Game Changer for the OR

Launched February 2021

SafeGuard FOCUS Compression Device

Achieve targeted hemostasis with SafeGuard Focus, a specialized compression device used to protect closed surgical sites in the immediate postoperative period.

SafeGuard Focus - A Revolution in Pocket Compression

Launched August 2020

SeaDragon2 Torque Device

Operable with one hand, this ergonomic torque device is designed to enhance manipulation of the guide wire tip. Simply squeeze and release.

SeaDragon2 Torque Device - Merit Medical

Launched July 2020

GO2WIRE Steerable Guide Wire System

The highly versatile GO2WIRE Steerable Guide Wire System is the new “go-to” for diagnostic and interventional procedures.Whether it is navigating a radial access procedure, accessing multiple tight lesions, or crossing the aortic bifurcation to access complicated contralateral disease, the GO2WIRE will navigate tortuous anatomy and deliver the accompanying device to your desired target.

Your New "Go-To" Guide Wire - GO2WIRE

Launched May 2020

Merit WRAPSODY Endoprosthesis

Dialysis patients can often experience complications due to stenosis and occlusions in the dialysis outflow circuit. This can lead to repeated interventions, frequent trips to the hospital, and inadequate dialysis treatments. The Merit WRAPSODY Endoprosthesis is built to combat these challenges and extend long-term vessel patency rates.

Merit WRAPSODY Endoprosthesis Stent Graft System

Launched March 2020

Vitale Occlusion Balloon

SVC tears are rare, but when they occur every second counts. The Merit Vitale™ Occlusion Balloon maintains hemostasis for up to 30 minutes allowing time for patients to stabilize and transition to surgery. Faster inflation, faster deflation, and better kink resistance offers better outcomes for you and your patients.

Vitale Occlusion Balloon

Launched February 2020

ONE Snare® System

Used with the Worley Advanced LV Delivery system, the ONE Snare System provides another option for placing LV leads during challenging cases. Designed with a 15° tip curve to the 4F catheter and a 15mm snare loop electrophysiologists can retrieve and manipulate foreign objects in the coronary and peripheral vascular system, allowing for optimal lead position.

ONE Snare System - Merit Medical

Launched January 2020

Arcadia™ Next Generation Balloon Catheter

The Arcadia balloon is a high pressure, extremely durable, and robust balloon catheter that comes in both steerable and straight variations for any balloon-assisted vertebral augmentation need. This balloon allows for a bipedicular footprint via a unipedicular approach.

Arcadia 25mm Steerable Balloon - Merit Medical

Launched December 2019

ReSolve Mini Locking Drainage Catheter

The ReSolve Mini Locking Drainage Catheter is intended for percutaneous drainage of fluid from smaller body cavities. Depth markers on the catheter shaft aid in accurate placement along with a radiopaque marker band that denotes the location of the pigtail. Multiple large holes help to maximize drainage. The ReSolve Mini is the latest addition to Merit’s robust line of locking drainage catheters.

ReSolve Mini - Merit Medical - Up to 42% Smaller Than Standard Locking Pigtail Catheters

Launched September 2019

Torpedo Gelatin Foam

The Torpedo Gelatin Foam provides physicians a preshaped gelatin foam loaded into a cartridge with an optional blunt stylet, removing the need for manual foam shaping and providing fast and easy attachment to the catheter for delivery.

Torpedo - Gel Foam - Speed, Precision, Consistency - Merit Medical

Launched August 2019

AEROmini® Tracheobronchial Stent

The new Through-the-Scope AEROmini® stents allow physicians to reach tortuous distal airways with control and precision. In addition to Through-the-Scope deployment, the new AEROmini line extension includes smaller, Over-the-Wire stents, designed to facilitate accurate stent placement of short strictures, or when the ability to protect adjacent airways is required.

AEROmini - Through-the-Scope stents allow physicians to reach tortuous distal airways - Merit Medical

Launched August 2019

PreludeSYNC EVO Radial Compression Device

The PreludeSYNC EVO Radial Compression Device is used to assist in gaining and maintaining hemostasis of the radial and ulnar artery following catheterization procedures. A large clear window area provides unobstructed visibility, while its soft material optimizes patient comfort.

PreludeSYNC EVO Radial Compression Band - Merit Medical

Launched July 2019

DiamondTOUCH Syringe

The DiamondTOUCH Syringe is a cutting-edge dual indication 30 mL syringe that offers both simplified bone cement delivery as well as inflation and deflation of interventional devices up to 35 ATM/500 psi. A bright LCD screen with oversized time and pressure digits provides exceptional visibility and accuracy.