trio-ct® Triple Lumen Acute Hemodialysis Catheter

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Feature & Benefits

Kink resistant

Kink resistant

13.5F oval catheter designed for kink resistance.

Internal lumen

Internal lumen

17G lumen is independent from dialysis lumens and exits distally to them.

Catheter tip

Catheter tip

Tapered catheter tip design.

TRIO catheter with multiple callouts, highlighting various features

Power Injectable Lumen

Third lumen decreases the need for additional sticks and is labeled “Power Injectable.”

Allows injection of contrast media at a maximum of 5mL/sec.

Catheter Clamps

Priming volume printed on catheter clamps.

Rotating Suture Wings

Rotating suture wings for secure external anchoring.

Depth Markers

Depth markings assist in catheter insertion to help discern depth.

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