High-Pressure Tubing

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Feature & Benefits

To complement our extensive line of quality angiography accessories, Merit Medical has developed a complete line of high-pressure tubing to meet all procedural requirements.

Airless Rotator

Merit Medical’s patented airless rotator enhances patient safety by minimizing the possibility of trapped air.

Merit Keep™

Helps organize tubing and maintain better control of the sterile field. Merit’s Keep provides the security of knowing the tubing will stay in place, without the worry of contamination of the sterile field. All flexible tubing styles are available with Merit’s patented Keep feature.

Merit offers an extensive line of clear, PVC tubing styles rated at 1200, 900, and 500 PSI (83, 62, and 34 Bar).

Our color-coded pressure monitoring tubing offers instant identification of specific monitor lines to help increase patient safety and decrease procedure time. Available only in our custom kits.

Male Rotator Luer Connector

Allows 360-degree manipulation of the catheter without disconnection or tangling of the tubing lines.

Female Luer Connector

Merit’s stringent specifications provide consistent connectors and tubing, maintaining our “quality-first” reputation.

Male Fixed Luer Connector

Assures secure connection to the catheter.



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