H2O Torq™ Torque Device

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Feature & Benefits


Squeeze V shape ends firmly together to align lumens


Insert proximal guide wire tip through the device


Release V shape ends to activate device locking mechanism

Guide Wire Torque Device

An ergonomic torque device operable with one hand, designed to enhance manipulation of the guide wire tip.

Easy Grip Ridges

Tactile landmarks etched on the device that enhances steering, torque performance and grip.


Squeeze finger pads and slide device to move to another location on the guide wire.


Squeeze finger pads firmly together to disengage locking mechanism and remove device from the wire.

Easy removal from guide wire which facilitates wire/catheter placement and exchange.

Single Component

Saves time – No more stopping, screwing and unscrewing 2 pieces to move the device. Simply squeeze finger pads with one hand to position, move or remove the torque device.

Operable with one hand, helps provide precise manipulation of the guide wire tip


Device can be used for both hydrophilic and standard spring type wires.

Coating Preservation

Plastic – No metal components – helps minimize damage to hydrophilic coating and polymer jacket.

Size Preference

Orange device: Guide wires from .025” to .040”

Yellow device: Guide wires from .010” to .020”




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